Hoodiegate 2012: Mark Zuckerberg’s Signature Sweatshirt Ruffles Feathers On Wall Street

Hoodiegate 2012: Mark Zuckerberg’s Signature Sweatshirt Ruffles Feathers On Wall Street

Good for him. Seeing this makes me happy. Way to stick it to those white-haired, stuck up old guys on Wall Street – they’re just mad that he’s done more by the age of 28 than they’ll accomplish in well, their entire lives. ha-ha. Yeah, being dressed up “makes people take you seriously,” but c’mon – I don’t think he has to prove that to anyone here. “Yes, I became a billionaire…in my sweats.”

I guess I like getting dressed up sometimes, but usually I’m uncomfortable at work and can’t wait to get home and change. I live in yoga pants and definitely bum it…a lot. lol Like even when I run out. If I’m not at work, I’m in spandex or sweats, not even sorry. lol So I would do the same thing as Zuckerberg – making it means you make your own rules. Clearly I’m doing something right, so you not taking me seriously because of my clothes is a joke and you look silly. Oh, you don’t want to invest your million dollars because of my hoodie? I’ll go cry about it ON MY YACHT.

Comfort is my middle name – bums unite. A lot of people just need to get over themselves. Ugh, gross with your stupid standards. I’m really not a rebel at all and tend to be conservative/do what you’re supposed to do, but it annoys me when people think they’re better than other people or smarter or whatever. Being in a suit doesn’t make you smart, it just makes you look like it lol Clearly, this guy’s “smarter” than a lot of Wall Street guys. Or maybe some luck is in there too; not just anyone could have launched FB at any time, it kind of all came together for him. But it still takes smarts to keep this thing afloat post-luck. I guess it depends on how you define “smart” too. Like business savvy versus textbook finance/investing mechanics – the dry stuff anyone can do as opposed to really tapping into what’s going on with people, what they want, marketing, etc.

I’m going to channel some of this Zuckerberg-hoodie energy – I actually had a burst of crazy energy last night that wouldn’t let me sleep until I wrote it all down – I really need to put more effort into this starting my own business thing because I have 2 great ideas; I HATE THE CORPORATE WORLD, andd Powerball hasn’t been good to me. I just need to set myself up to walk around in spandex all day – it’s a simple dream, really.

Make Sure You’re Actually Buying Beef When You’re Buying Beef

Make Sure You’re Actually Buying Beef When You’re Buying Beef

Like I needed another reason to avoid red meat…

“By now you may have heard of a problem where beef waste products—lovingly called “pink slime”—are being processed and, according to ABC News, sold as actual actual meat in most supermarkets. If this sounds gross and you don’t want it in your meat, here’s how you can avoid it.

The “pink slime” is created by taking fat waste, simmering it at a low heat to separate any muscle from the fat, processing the separate muscle with ammonia, and then shipping it in a frozen brick to supermarkets to be added to the beef you buy. The product was previously only used in dog foods and cooking oil, as a dog’s stomach can handle it, but now we’re eating it, too. Even fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Taco Bell have stopped using this processed meat product in their food but we’re still buying it regularly because grocers are not required to disclose the full contents of their ground beef.”


& this. Between these articles, Forks Over Knives, and me really not liking the taste anyways, this vegan/vegetarian thing is looking better and better. I was just reviewing my diet list last night too. Wowzers…

Living together before marriage = $$

Living together before marriage = $$

I like this article because it brings together my “aww I can’t wait for that,” and “hi, I’m a Finance person so I have to read this stuff” sides.


A new study says that couples who move in together before marrying accumulate wealth at double the rate of those who wait until marriage to live together.


The obvious conclusion is that this happens because cohabitation roughly halves the couple’s rent and utilities.

Another explanation is that many couples prefer to get married when they are economically secure. Moving in together could spur them to change their financial habits, which would then lead them to start growing their wealth. …