Oh. I became a vegetarian and MMA fighter in one week.

No big. hahahaha Super casual.

Yeah, I know. Kinda random and crazy but not really. They’ve both been in the works for a while, and upon implementing, my life is already so much better!

So I’ve never really been a meat-eater – just chicken and fish if I have. It’s a combination of taste and health concerns. I’d been toying around with the idea of becoming a vegan, but there are two huge things in the way: eggs and dairy. I can’t go without them! I love scrambled eggs and they’re amazing for protein instead of meat, which is great for me; and daily coffee and yogurt are kind of religious things for me. Every day. I actually really don’t like the taste of coffee but chug it for keeping me alive and focused at work, as well as the metabolism boost. Soo I can’t have it without some yummy creamer! Yes, I’ve tried almond/soy milk – not even close. So I settled on being vegetarian instead of hardcore vegan. Honestly, it hasn’t been hard at all. I don’t crave or miss meat, mainly since I was never really into it. I decided I’d give myself until the end of the month and then possibly convert into a pescatarian (my fav meal in life is salmon/salmon sushi. sigh) Today is my 8th day 🙂 Kinda proud: I feel noticably better and have even lost a few lbs.

IN BIGGER NEWS. As we all know, I’m obsessed with all things health & fitness. I’ve always been an athlete and am always looking for new activities/workouts to challenge myself and have fun. Especially with my whole quarter-life crisis/he broke my heart/I f*ing hate my job thing…ya know, distracting myself with things. I’ve been doing fitness kickboxing on and off for about 10 years or so. Nothing crazy. Two years ago I really got into it and bought a heavy bag for my garage & gloves, and started doing the “fitness MMA” classes offered at my gym. Crazy good workout but piqued my interest for the real techniques behind the fighting styles, especially after watching UFC.

I’d been looking around at local studios/gyms but was kinda meh. Then a month ago I got a free pass for 2 trial classes at a karate studio for kickboxing. Thought it’d be cool to see if they’re more technique-oriented. Fun. Great music. But not so much. I saw people in full karate gear there doing serious things, but it just didn’t seem like they had a good variety/skill levels. Kinda weird crowd too, mostly kids. ENTER LIVING SOCIAL. I’ve always heard people raving about it, and I’ve just said “mm, sounds cool but it’ll just give me discounts on buying things I don’t need.” But I finally signed up for it like 2 weeks ago only because I was looking into CrossFit and the prices here are obnoxious without a LS deal.

Fast forward, last week I randomly scanned my e-mail and saw a deal for unlimited MMA classes for a month for 70% off. Don’t mind if I do. It was meant to be. I stopped by yesterday and signed up in a hurry. Went back in tonight to do my fitness evaluation (max reps of push-ups, sit-ups, frog jumps, squats, and squat thrusts aka burpees you can do in 60 sec each. I felt sick). The owner told me that most people do the evaluation one night and start classes the next. NOT ME. Watching everyone got me too hyped. I just stared in amazement. And everyone is super chill and nice – as I was remebering how to breathe against the wall, one of the instructors stopped to introduce himself and told me to jump in whenever I wanted to. I felt weird because everyone knew what they were doing and had their assignments – I didn’t want to waddle in and disturb them. Like “eww, new girl, you’re taking up my space.” But upon meeting the friendly instructor, and because I already had my awesome pink gloves with me, I walked right on over and said “What do I do?”

After jokingly calling my gloves “toy gloves” (hater – they’re Everlast; he wishes his were pink), the owner walked me through the right way to punch – as in, keeping in mind you need to protect your face lol – and then had me keep going. Then he had one of the “pros” come over and work with me more. To paint the picture: think legit UFC fighter. He was shirtless with tats allll over; fauxhawk and I think a nose ring. Bad ass. And he was one of the 3 guys in the actual ring. So I know I’m learning from someone good; he clearly knew what he was talking about and was very encouraging. Highlight of the night: as he was first holding the heavy bag for me to punch, I threw my first few punches and made him say “wow, girl – you got some power! You clearly have good leg strength which is a good base for punching.” Duh. hahaha I’ve been told that before and I guess it makes sense with all of the track. It feels good to be “naturally” good at something you love.

I could go on and on. I’m obvs going back tomorrow. Can’t wait. Oh, sidenote – my mom’s not too thrilled. I told her a few years ago that I want to train and become a pro cagefighter, and she laughed it off/got sad saying that I’d get hurt and it’s dangerous. When I told her yesterday that I signed up?? “Why can’t you just do something safe?!” lol Sorry, I love our crafts and photography classes, but this is my calling, mom. She’ll be front row at my competitions, I’m sure. Oh yeah – this gym has a team that competes on like pro and amateur circuits and the owner asked if I want to compete. (yikes – a lot different from training; I could do it though and think I’ll try it & surprise myself)

Ok, ok. Gotta get to bed. Yay for things that make me happy and forget about my job/feelings! I can’t change my situation yet, but this helps a lot!


I made the switch


As I mentioned in this post, I’ve realized that cow’s milk is just no good for me. Not sure if I’ve become lactose intolerant or what, I just know dairy makes me feel icky, and I don’t need a doctor to put a label on it.


So I did my grocery shopping today and got these – they taste good! I’m pleasantly surprised. The only issues I see are 1) I can’t go a day without yogurt; I can’t give it up but am not too keen on soy/coconut yogurt; 2) Buying coffee – Dunkin and Wawa have regular stuff and Starbucks is the only place I know that offers soy milk as an option (it’s out of the way and a lot more expensive).


I was told that Greek instead of regular yogurt should help and I did buy one small cup of soy yogurt to try. And I’ll either have to start making my own coffee at home again or taking soy creamer with me (??).


SEE. This is why I’ve avoided being vegetarian/vegan. You have to have and do all of this special stuff. It’s all high-maintenance. lol Worth it, but work, geez… I will say – the few times I’ve toyed around with the idea of being vegetarian/vegan, I’ve kinda thought that it’s too extreme. But in looking at my own diet, I’m not that far off…


I’ve pretty much always been a polpescetarian – I don’t really like the taste or texture of beef/pork, and as I got older and  realized the impact they can have on your health, I definitely backed away. Sausage makes me gag. Even turkey sausage. Don’t get me wrong, a hamburger or a hot dog at a BBQ aren’t bad, and bacon is ok, but the stuff they put in them…freaks me OUT (especially after watching Food Inc./Forks Over Knives). Turkey bacon is good and I’ve embraced bean burgers (surprisingly not a huge difference from beef).


So continuing along the vegetarian scale, the next hurdles would be eggs and milk. Once I realized that I’m pretty much cutting out milk products from my diet now, I thought hell, I might as well just be a vegan. But then I thought – no way in hell I’m giving up eggs. I had some amazing cheese scrambled eggs at the diner as my post-workout meal this morning. So the term “ovo-lacto vegetarian” popped into my head. But then I’d be an “ovo-vegetarian.”


Finally, I realized, that to really, really be an ovo-lacto vegetarian, I’d have to give up: chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, crab, and cheese…which means…NO PIZZA EVER AGAIN. Yeah, OK. I’d give up milk, eggs, and yogurt before pizza. I only eat pizza like once a month, but the thought of never having it again makes me dizzy. (I’ve tried vegan pizza – NOT the same.)


In conclusion: screw the labels, I’m just going to stop consuming what makes me feel gross; and clearly, I’ve over-thought this whole thing…like I do everything else in my life. The end.

Make Sure You’re Actually Buying Beef When You’re Buying Beef

Make Sure You’re Actually Buying Beef When You’re Buying Beef

Like I needed another reason to avoid red meat…

“By now you may have heard of a problem where beef waste products—lovingly called “pink slime”—are being processed and, according to ABC News, sold as actual actual meat in most supermarkets. If this sounds gross and you don’t want it in your meat, here’s how you can avoid it.

The “pink slime” is created by taking fat waste, simmering it at a low heat to separate any muscle from the fat, processing the separate muscle with ammonia, and then shipping it in a frozen brick to supermarkets to be added to the beef you buy. The product was previously only used in dog foods and cooking oil, as a dog’s stomach can handle it, but now we’re eating it, too. Even fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Taco Bell have stopped using this processed meat product in their food but we’re still buying it regularly because grocers are not required to disclose the full contents of their ground beef.”


& this. Between these articles, Forks Over Knives, and me really not liking the taste anyways, this vegan/vegetarian thing is looking better and better. I was just reviewing my diet list last night too. Wowzers…