I’ve failed as a girl.

I don’t get excited over shoes. At all.

They’ve been talking about it on the radio all week long; I was recently looking through about 30 pages on for new work shoes and found NOTHING; and when my mom and I went shopping on Monday, I was bored out of my mind in the shoe department as she was busy drooling over everything. She kept asking me “Are you sure you don’t see anything?! Well just look!” Ugh.

What’s wrong with me? That’s like a required girl trait – to be obsessed with shoes. I’m just super picky and it’s hard for me to find something that I really like. Also, thanks to the stress fracture in my right foot from running track, every time I’m on my toes, it’s sheer pain. So you can imagine what wearing heels feels like. Especially for hours on end. Kinda boring, but I wear flats to work every day, heels maybe once a month. The only time I really wear heels is for going out on the weekends and even then I’m complaining and sitting as much as possible. And going out is always the worst combination possible – not just walking in them, but also standing for hours on end, dancing/intense movement for hours, and usually walking for blocks to and from the car. But we gotta be cute – it’s tough being a girl…

So besides the pain, here are some reasons why I think the obsession is kinda silly:

  • they get scuffed up/dirty so easily. Even if you’re a super cute walker, you never know when someone is going to step on your foot (which happens a lot when you’re in a crowded club or other venue). And even if people don’t step on you, you’re just bound to bump into a curb or something. So I get real upset when they’re damaged beyond repair and I just spent all that money and only got one or two “clean” uses of them. Even if you stay on top of things with the cleaning/polishing, it just happens – your feet really go through the elements (random crap on the street, rain, mud, sand, puddles; dare I say it…gum (gasp). You never know.
  • they usually only match like 2 outfits in your closet. Call me crazy, but if I’m dropping a good wad of cash on shoes/anything, I don’t want them to sit in my closet unless I’m wearing that one dress. Yeah, you can get creative/mix and match with basics, but a lot of people I know buy shoes that really only match one outfit. Maybe it’s my Finance kicking in, but that doesn’t seem worth it…not really getting your money’s worth…

But I will admit – I agree with something I’ve heard a lot of people say about how great shoes are: no matter how much your weight fluctuates, your shoe size pretty much stays the same. So even on those days you feel fat and every outfit makes you look gross, you can always rely on a good pair of shoes to make you feel pretty.

My thing? BAGS. Handbags, purses…ALL. DAY. Love. Why are they better? A good bag will go with half of your closet, if not everything. They LAST and aren’t prone to fads fading/weight change – you really can invest in a good bag and have it for years and years. Even if you run out of the house in sweats, that good bag will make you look (somewhat) more ‘put together.’ They happen to hold well…all of life’s necessities. Do your pumps hold your cell phone, keys, money, lip gloss, and emergency band-aids? Don’t think so.

So that is my PSA. For the price you spend on one or two pairs of shoes, I’d much rather buy a nice bag…and laugh at you teetering around.