All new everything

On a related note…


Since most of the aforementioned things aren’t quite feasible (there’s that damn logic again), I’m currently settling for:

  • stepping up my workouts
  • cleaning up my diet (I’m good like 75% of the time, but then there’s emotional eating…); thanks to meal plans and signing up for BJ’s (hello hummus packs, baby carrots by the pound, and individual soymilk servings!), I’m going to cleanse it out. I really do feel better when I don’t eat crap carbs and so much dairy. I drink a lot of milk and eat yogurt daily, but it makes me feel huge lol (tmi) And watching Forks Over Knives will change your life. I tried soymilk twice and hated it, so considering soy/almond milk is crazy – will report back.
  • cleaning up my…closet. I don’t even want to admit how much crap I have in my walk in closet and guest bedroom closet – they’re packed. Ask me how much of it I actually wear? Maybe 10% max. Time to clean it out and start fresh. I really don’t buy a lot of fun, new stuff; 1) I’m too busy buying dog stuff/electronics 2) Nothing fits me and I’m picky 3) I’ve realized that I put zero effort into dressing for work since I DREAD going there; I wake up most mornings choking back tears so if I manage to get out of the house in something that remotely matches/the first clean thing I see, then it’s a good day. But with new job?? Oh, it’s on. Throwing out the crap to make room for some fanciness.

I bought a puppy!

Here she is! Still to be named. I’m proud that I went ahead and did it. I got to the breeder and of course he had to show me all of the breeds besides the Maltese I was going to get. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Yorkie (but was not about to pay $900-2000), so he showed me the Morkie (maltese Yorkie) and I fell in love. She kept looking at me and sitting so nicely. Stole my heart.

She’s taking a nap right now. My other dog? Not too thrilled. She rolled all up on his bed like she owned it and he kept looking at me like “Umm, excuse me? Who this chick?” But they’re not beating each other up, so that’s good.

Besides me being a seasoned pet parent, I’m also glad that I only live 10 minutes from work. I feel like I’m going to be coming home on my lunch break all the time now. The good thing is that the “dog” area in my house is all tile lol

And oh! Legit parent moment – she threw up in the car on the way home. My house is a five-mile drive from there. But he had given her some medicine for something and warned me she might; guess the motion didn’t help. Of course she stepped all in it. ugh. A drunken friend wasn’t the first to get sick in my car, but my puppy instead haha. Off to Petsmart I go!