little wins are big

I obviously fell off of my regular gratitude posts, but I just had a wave of “things aren’t that bad, high five for the little things” and made a list in my head. This is a big deal because things have gotten kinda real lately…

  • Taking off my phone/laptop case and seeing how delightfully smooth and scratch free it is
  • Putting on sweats after taking off work clothes at the end of the day
  • Super cold applesauce right out of the fridge
  • Looking forward to cheat day (and knowing that you deserve it; #pizzaandbeer)
  • Knowing that you can go out and start anything new, any day now
  • Knowing that someone appreciates what you did for them when you thought nothing of it
  • Overhearing that someone thinks you’re a genius and realizing that your hard work has finally paid off
  • Hope. There is always hope.


Oh, hi.

My first official post of 2014 is just to say…I changed my theme and am completely obsessed with it.

So I guess that really means I need to write more here, because, well…it’s pretty.

Things I’m grateful for

  • Spontaneity – I’ll admit – I’m pretty type A; I plan everything out with timelines, post-its galore, and I’m organized. But you gotta live a little. The other night at 7pm I up and decided to drive 2 hours to see newly-reignited-old-flame guy (needs a new name). Did I have work the next day? Yup. Was it worth it? HELL YES. I don’t know what came over me – the weekend before last we discussed visits at some point…me thinking they’d be far off and planned. Nope – he wanted to see me, I wanted to see him (it had been 4 whole days lol), so I did it. Just grabbed my purse. Don’t think – just do.
  • Halloween candy – does this really need an explanation??
  • Impromptu dance parties – At your desk. In the car. In the bathroom mirror or anywhere in your house. “This. Is. My. Jaaaammm” I mean, so good, right?! Sometimes you just gotta let loose, and they’ll likely act as an instant pick-me-up. I know they got me through today. If all else fails…dance. (I need that on a shirt.)
  • Pink – my favorite color; I just looked around and saw seven pink objects?…most of my life is pink…ah, this is why everyone makes fun of me. Whatever, not sorry. Especially when it comes to Breast Cancer Awareness month! More pink everywhere I look and supporting a great cause? Done.

Things I’m grateful for

  • Love – something big happened this weekend. Very big. Like blast from the past old flame style. Not just some crummy text from some guy checking in. I didn’t see any of this coming, so I’m still kinda scratching my head. All I know is this: 1) I’m proud that I only freaked out for a minute, but then let myself jump in and go with it; 2) He kisses me the way I’ve always wanted to be kissed – like in the movies that takes your breath away. Phew. So many feelings. Very grateful for this one.
  • Tailgating – Grilling. Outside air. Friends. Games. Beer. Jams. Something pretty simple brings people together.
  • Online shopping/mail – the anticipation is killing me. We’re so used to just grabbing something at the store and immediately having it. But constant refresh on that tracking number? Kinda fun in a weird way lol (Both of my orders are due by EOD tomorrow – oh, happy day)
  • Hoodies – so, so warm and comfy. I will never have enough or get enough of wearing them. Please don’t come back, summer.
  • Cuddling – oh, how I missed this.