Astrology 101: Most Likely Addictions For Each Sign

Astrology 101: Most Likely Addictions For Each Sign

This just made my day – it’s totally accurate (I kickboxed for an hour earlier):


Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st): Exercise. Combine your body perfectionism with your need for physical activity and you could easily develop an unhealthy obsession with your treadmill.




(but, but…he used to do that too…sad face)

Which is why I’m focusing on my workouts more than usual lately…he’s not around to give me that feeling or grab my butt (lol); hearing it from any other guy makes me vom, soo I do it for myself. And strut through the office lol

I’ve never worked out to “look good” for a guy (trying to impress a new one, or fear of losing one); I always do it for myself. But the right guy appreciating it? That’s a great feeling and added bonus. You gotta give your man something to brag about haha Don’t you want him to be proud and point you out to his boys, like “yeah, that’s all me.” Or for his boys to compliment him on how good you look? Or all the while, even if no one says it (bc you don’t need recognition), you just kinda have that secret confidence on the inside?? I know I do. I don’t try to look better than anyone in the office, but I feel much better when I’ve been working out & really feel like I can take on the list of tasks thrown at me in the office. So even if I’m not utilizing my physical strength in the office…it still helps somehow. (Should I list how much I can bench and squat on my resume next to Excel skills? No? ok.)


I’m still smiling from yesterday’s boot camp. It’s not at a CrossFit affiliate, but it incorporates some of the moves. We did these yesterday. Yes, they make me feel like a boss.



I gotta practice some of the form so I stop messing my back up, but I can’t wait for more! So much better than little stuff at the gym on my own. Really makes you feel like you got a good workout. Addicted.