I bought a puppy!

Here she is! Still to be named. I’m proud that I went ahead and did it. I got to the breeder and of course he had to show me all of the breeds besides the Maltese I was going to get. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Yorkie (but was not about to pay $900-2000), so he showed me the Morkie (maltese Yorkie) and I fell in love. She kept looking at me and sitting so nicely. Stole my heart.

She’s taking a nap right now. My other dog? Not too thrilled. She rolled all up on his bed like she owned it and he kept looking at me like “Umm, excuse me? Who this chick?” But they’re not beating each other up, so that’s good.

Besides me being a seasoned pet parent, I’m also glad that I only live 10 minutes from work. I feel like I’m going to be coming home on my lunch break all the time now. The good thing is that the “dog” area in my house is all tile lol

And oh! Legit parent moment – she threw up in the car on the way home. My house is a five-mile drive from there. But he had given her some medicine for something and warned me she might; guess the motion didn’t help. Of course she stepped all in it. ugh. A drunken friend wasn’t the first to get sick in my car, but my puppy instead haha. Off to Petsmart I go!


Call it my baby fever creeping in, but…

I’ve decided to get a puppy! I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and finally decided to do it. I told Bestie last night and she raised the same valid question I have: “Why now?” Well, I just love dogs. I’ve had my current dog for six years now, and now that I’m not in an apartment with pet restrictions, I think it’s a good time. I’m pretty settled with no major life changes on the horizon; and quite frankly, I need some love in my life lol

(Sidenote – having a baby for that reason is dumb. Really dumb. It annoys me. And a lot of people I know have been doing this. It’s a human life, not a toy. Slap yourself.)

Ahem. Umm, yes – I’m willing to acknowledge that this is kind of a big deal. Like Bestie said, it’s like a baby. I’ll be raising this thing lol Which is totally different from my previous dog situations. I really believe in adopting dogs from shelters because a) it’s so sad that they’ve been abandoned and have nowhere to go! I don’t want to mention the possibilities; b) breeders are expensive; what they charge has always blown my mind! Like $1000 plus on a dog?! Not saying it’s not worth it, but that just seems like a lot. I know purebred breeders have to put in some work, and you will also end up having the dog for 10+ years, but idk. So this dog, and the other family dog we had, both came from shelters. But since this time I want a puppy (which really aren’t at shelters) and since I’ve already rescued my current dog (not that that’s “enough”), I’ve decided this time to buy from a local breeder. And of course I found one for a good price, duh. No way I’d pay over $700.

Which reminds me – I was sitting at my desk on Tuesday thinking “Wow, I can’t wait to check out the pet stores after work! Oh, wait! They probably won’t have a good selection because all these stupid boyfriends probably went out and bought their stupid girlfriends puppies for Valentine’s Day…No, no you’re over-thinking, it’ll be fine!” Lo and behold, I stopped at TWO stores, and they were both sold out for that very reason. Except I saw one for $797…to which I said “ok, obvs time to shop around some.” So I did, and I’m proud I found a good price! This is what I’d be getting:

Malti Poo-1234636507-1

A malti-poo!! I mean, come on. How cute? Names???? Lola? Lady? Lilly? (am I biased on the L names?)

My only concern is to see how my current dog will interact with her. That makes me nervous. Wow, this really is like parenting. When you’re having your second child, worrying about if the toddler will adapt well or feel unloved and act out…Also, I’ve secretly been thinking about how over the top I’ll be with a real kid, like making sure they eat only 100% healthy food, have cute clothes, etc. And I’m ashamed to say I’ve been doing the same with lots of dog research. I’m a complete snob when it comes to my dog food. I buy the stuff people would eat – all natural with no by-products, whole grains and veggies, AND vitamins mixed in. SERIOUSLY?! It’s been months since I’ve remembered to take my own multivitamin. But it’s important to me that my dog has the best and is healthy. Because they can’t tell you if they don’t feel good like people, and it’s not like you check their cholesterol and all that haha Idk, I’m a nerd. I’ve been enjoying researching all of the best training methods and products. I have to potty-train this thing and make sure it learns not to bite people – like a real kid. And positive reinforcement…and providing developmental toys?? Who knew? Do I have to pick a day care and read to this thing too?? Should I start a college fund? (I wish I could lol on that, but it’s sad – I actually started one for my real, unborn kids three years ago. I don’t even have a boyfriend. Moving on…)

So yeah – I can’t wait. And side-note – my mom and I are SUPER close. We’re the same person. I tell her every detail of my life, and as soon as something happens or I have a big idea, I call her. And she always gets excited with me and supports me. Except I ran this dog idea by her a few years ago, and I got some serious eye-rolling. Sooo I’ve decided to just tell her post-purchase this time because sometimes she, like all mothers, make you feel realllly bad about things. And with my newfound “freedom,” I’m not letting that get in the way this time. I appreciate your input, but it shouldn’t always dictate my actions or influence them or even deter them. I’m on my own now – I’m a big girl lol If I can do this house thing by myself, I can handle another dog. & I know she’ll love it. She’s obsessed with my current dog. Wish me luck!