Oh, happy day

Y’all – something big happened today. This is a bit nerdy, but if you’ve ever been working towards a skill, you’ll get it; if you’re a CrossFitter, you’ll definitely get it.

Today I did my first pull-ups in a WOD without a band assistance. So this has been me all day long:




I started CrossFit four months ago and thought that this was one of the most intimidating things to do. Especially since I was a bit scarred from having to do them in grade school and college, and I sucked while everyone else did them with ease…(hoist myself up with my puny arms? Like, my whole body weight? Psh, you crazy. Why would I ever want to do that?)

So I’ve been practicing about twice a week. Practice them til my arms burned…then did some more. Plus, the whole kipping motion is awkward. Who knew that whole “practice practice practice” thing actually works?! (Think of all the things I could’ve done by now if I had listened as a kid…I could be President.)

So yeah, I’m kinda proud. And my heart smiled when our coach and fellow members cheered me on (totally had to play it cool). I’m looking forward to conquering more things and continuing to get better and stronger every day.


THAT is why I CrossFit – it seems like a cult lol But for me to give 101% in my career and love life, and still get crapped on…and then have something like this to turn to where your hard work pays off and NO ONE can get in the way of that…it’s amazing. Don’t know what I’d do without it.



I’m still smiling from yesterday’s boot camp. It’s not at a CrossFit affiliate, but it incorporates some of the moves. We did these yesterday. Yes, they make me feel like a boss.



I gotta practice some of the form so I stop messing my back up, but I can’t wait for more! So much better than little stuff at the gym on my own. Really makes you feel like you got a good workout. Addicted.