Winning all over the place

It’s hard for me to take compliments, but today I got a really good one in the caf at work: my mom’s friend stopped me on my way out and said “Can I…I mean, can I just say…you look just like a walking J. Crew ad and a Dooney & Bourke ad all rolled into one, my goodness! Just preppy and cute” Thank you! hahaha That’s all I’ve ever wanted; that’s what I aim for in the morning. Nailed it.

Dealt with a jerk at work in the nicest way possible even after he (directly) tapped into my angry black woman. Kill em with kindness.

Came home to my Sephora order on my doorstep (placed Saturday night and it’s here already). Free shipping on all online orders, living 45 minutes from the distribution facility, and living 3 miles from two Sephora stores is bad. news. #intervention #donteventryit

Currently drinking wine on the sofa and Pretty Little Liars is on in 5 minutes. Byeeee