Oh. I became a vegetarian and MMA fighter in one week.

No big. hahahaha Super casual.

Yeah, I know. Kinda random and crazy but not really. They’ve both been in the works for a while, and upon implementing, my life is already so much better!

So I’ve never really been a meat-eater – just chicken and fish if I have. It’s a combination of taste and health concerns. I’d been toying around with the idea of becoming a vegan, but there are two huge things in the way: eggs and dairy. I can’t go without them! I love scrambled eggs and they’re amazing for protein instead of meat, which is great for me; and daily coffee and yogurt are kind of religious things for me. Every day. I actually really don’t like the taste of coffee but chug it for keeping me alive and focused at work, as well as the metabolism boost. Soo I can’t have it without some yummy creamer! Yes, I’ve tried almond/soy milk – not even close. So I settled on being vegetarian instead of hardcore vegan. Honestly, it hasn’t been hard at all. I don’t crave or miss meat, mainly since I was never really into it. I decided I’d give myself until the end of the month and then possibly convert into a pescatarian (my fav meal in life is salmon/salmon sushi. sigh) Today is my 8th day 🙂 Kinda proud: I feel noticably better and have even lost a few lbs.

IN BIGGER NEWS. As we all know, I’m obsessed with all things health & fitness. I’ve always been an athlete and am always looking for new activities/workouts to challenge myself and have fun. Especially with my whole quarter-life crisis/he broke my heart/I f*ing hate my job thing…ya know, distracting myself with things. I’ve been doing fitness kickboxing on and off for about 10 years or so. Nothing crazy. Two years ago I really got into it and bought a heavy bag for my garage & gloves, and started doing the “fitness MMA” classes offered at my gym. Crazy good workout but piqued my interest for the real techniques behind the fighting styles, especially after watching UFC.

I’d been looking around at local studios/gyms but was kinda meh. Then a month ago I got a free pass for 2 trial classes at a karate studio for kickboxing. Thought it’d be cool to see if they’re more technique-oriented. Fun. Great music. But not so much. I saw people in full karate gear there doing serious things, but it just didn’t seem like they had a good variety/skill levels. Kinda weird crowd too, mostly kids. ENTER LIVING SOCIAL. I’ve always heard people raving about it, and I’ve just said “mm, sounds cool but it’ll just give me discounts on buying things I don’t need.” But I finally signed up for it like 2 weeks ago only because I was looking into CrossFit and the prices here are obnoxious without a LS deal.

Fast forward, last week I randomly scanned my e-mail and saw a deal for unlimited MMA classes for a month for 70% off. Don’t mind if I do. It was meant to be. I stopped by yesterday and signed up in a hurry. Went back in tonight to do my fitness evaluation (max reps of push-ups, sit-ups, frog jumps, squats, and squat thrusts aka burpees you can do in 60 sec each. I felt sick). The owner told me that most people do the evaluation one night and start classes the next. NOT ME. Watching everyone got me too hyped. I just stared in amazement. And everyone is super chill and nice – as I was remebering how to breathe against the wall, one of the instructors stopped to introduce himself and told me to jump in whenever I wanted to. I felt weird because everyone knew what they were doing and had their assignments – I didn’t want to waddle in and disturb them. Like “eww, new girl, you’re taking up my space.” But upon meeting the friendly instructor, and because I already had my awesome pink gloves with me, I walked right on over and said “What do I do?”

After jokingly calling my gloves “toy gloves” (hater – they’re Everlast; he wishes his were pink), the owner walked me through the right way to punch – as in, keeping in mind you need to protect your face lol – and then had me keep going. Then he had one of the “pros” come over and work with me more. To paint the picture: think legit UFC fighter. He was shirtless with tats allll over; fauxhawk and I think a nose ring. Bad ass. And he was one of the 3 guys in the actual ring. So I know I’m learning from someone good; he clearly knew what he was talking about and was very encouraging. Highlight of the night: as he was first holding the heavy bag for me to punch, I threw my first few punches and made him say “wow, girl – you got some power! You clearly have good leg strength which is a good base for punching.” Duh. hahaha I’ve been told that before and I guess it makes sense with all of the track. It feels good to be “naturally” good at something you love.

I could go on and on. I’m obvs going back tomorrow. Can’t wait. Oh, sidenote – my mom’s not too thrilled. I told her a few years ago that I want to train and become a pro cagefighter, and she laughed it off/got sad saying that I’d get hurt and it’s dangerous. When I told her yesterday that I signed up?? “Why can’t you just do something safe?!” lol Sorry, I love our crafts and photography classes, but this is my calling, mom. She’ll be front row at my competitions, I’m sure. Oh yeah – this gym has a team that competes on like pro and amateur circuits and the owner asked if I want to compete. (yikes – a lot different from training; I could do it though and think I’ll try it & surprise myself)

Ok, ok. Gotta get to bed. Yay for things that make me happy and forget about my job/feelings! I can’t change my situation yet, but this helps a lot!


I’m baaaacckk

In case you were worried. Basically, I have my life back now – the exam that I’ve been studying for/bitching about for the past 7 months? Took it on Saturday. Did I pass? Do I care? Am I thrilled to be done? Probs not, no, and YES. Hopefully the outcome will be irrelevant soon since I’m…

Still working on the whole move 800 miles away and live my dream thing. Listen: I am EXTREMELY proud of myself – I’ve been talking about it for so long, but now I’ve actually turned my words into actions. After lots of researching apartments and jobs/salaries/companies, I pulled the trigger on Sunday and applied to a bunch of jobs in Atlanta! I’m so excited. No, nothing is concrete yet, but I really like grabbing life by the…er, taking control of your future and doing things you said you’d never do…in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.

Not to mention that I’m growing less and less fond of new job every day. Yeah, I still like the “challenge” and most of the people are really nice and smart, but there is one asshole I just can’t deal with, and I can’t avoid the interaction, and this is saying a lot because I get along with anyone. Yeah, I make a special effort to get along with him too and act like it for the most part, but it is clear that everyone else thinks he’s an asshole so I don’t feel so bad. Kill em with kindness. And I won’t lie – every time I feel the sharp words rising up inside me to throw a shot back at him, it’s nice to take comfort in the thought: “wow, I am SO glad that soon I won’t have to deal with you anymore!” Clearly, I don’t want to leave because of him (I can go toe to toe, don’t try me; the managers still talk about how I threw some words at him, thankss). But not having to deal with him, working in something more in line with where I should be, getting a pay increase to save up, and duh – Atlanta…all great reasons to peace out. Also, the department has become a bit of a disorganized crapstorm. I’ve only been there for 2.5 months, but soo much has happened and that doesn’t make newcomers feel too comfortable, seeing everything crumbling around you. Good to roll out before I get comfortable / in too deep (like a bad relationship) It may be short-lived, but at least I haven’t had to be miserable in old job for the past few months, and I’ll still count this as a good experience…

So yeah – moving towards living my dream is pretty awesome. Sure, I’ve only taken the first step, but it kinda makes your day a little brighter: “hope” I think they call it. And no, I can’t jump directly into it once I move down there, I’m being realistic – but the beauty is that even in the interim, my life will be a million times better. Just that new start/fresh feeling – I’m looking forward to taking in new surroundings and feeling cleansed of all of the emotional bullshit that old job and a couple of relationships have dropped on me. Not running away from my problems – just embracing newness and all that comes along with it: like my dream job. But not those people/feelings, they don’t get to come along.

On the boy front: I think I have a mutual crush situation happening in my building?! Some new guy. Hot. Tall. Dresses well. HOT. I mean, he initiated conversation with me…twice in the past 6 days. (we caught each other checking the other out; yeah.) No, I don’t know his name, and yes, I will accept an inviation to a romantic dinner. Or just lunch in the caf, whatev. My mother is relieved that I still have a “giddy” pulse, and I guess I even surprised myself – even after the past year’s events, I still have a heart? What, what’s this? It’s such an odd feeling, considering I’ve been dead on the inside for a while. NO, PEOPLE. Let’s all calm down – I still am repulsed by the thought of a relationship/still have the same stance on not wanting to get married. But hey – I still appreciate some eye candy – especially when it’s conveniently placed in my office buliding for daily enjoyment. I like to look…just keep them at arm’s length: You’re hot, and I’m sure you’re a nice guy…but I’m emotionally unavailable, bye!

I love myself.

Also…exes have been coming out of the woodwork this week. “Sorry, I’m caught up in a non-existent, emotion-free relationship with a guy in my office building. I don’t know his name, but it’s pretty serious.”

Starting a New Life – Part 3

SO. Here’s the deets:
– this will be a 2 phase program. The 5-year plan is to duh, transition out of finance into my dream job of health & fitness. How will I do this? Unfortunately, my finance degrees/experience don’t qualify me to jump right into a job in health & fitness. Sooo I’m currently applying for more finance jobs down there (Atlanta, btw) – I figure I can have something secured by the end of August. So that’s phase 1 – physically move down there within the next 3 months.
Phase 2 includes (painfully) sucking it up and using the finance job to keep a roof over my head while I…spend 3 months studying for and taking my CPT/CSCS exam and getting CPR certified instead of trying to go back to school. I can just save up and study for the exam at night so that I can become qualified for my dream job by the end of the year. Or even if it takes a few months more, it’s cool – at least I’m already employed.

– I’ll keep paying for my house here, and get an apartment down there. I don’t have to get a crazy pay increase to do both because…wait for it…I’ll just use the money I’ve been putting away each month for my future kids! How ironic is that? I’ve been doing the right thing saving early for the little tots, and now that that’s no longer happening…boom, like free money. So I win – I get to relocate without having to sell my beloved house and it’s still here if new city doesn’t work out! But it will…

– So IDEALLY, we can fast forward to where I’m working in some fab health & fitness job to the point where I can quit the finance job completely; I’m being realistic and know that it won’t pay as much as my finance job, but it’s cool because I’d been using the job to save up some more, and I have some other stuff I can liquidate for emergencies (again, backup plans!); also, kinda 1b of my dream job…I want to bartend. LOL I’ve mentioned this before, and I really want to do it. I know it’s cheesy bc it’s not like saying “I want to be a doctor,” but I know I’d be good at it…so much so where I could make great tips as substantial extra income while having some fun lol People tell me I’m personable and would be good at it, so it’s not me being hopeful haha I love hearing other people’s stories/good random conversations to provoke your thoughts/mind; I love liquor; I live in black spandex now which is the standard uniform; I have no spouse/kid so I can work til 3am; I always have a big smile on my face; I do everything quickly/with a sense of urgency; and I’ve worked in retail so I have that customer experience. This is a no-brainer. Yeah, tips can fluctuate and you have to get into a good bar, but I could kill it lol So pencil in some 4-hour bartending course along the way.

– I plan on just spending a few years absorbing as much knowledge and experience as I can while saving/supplementing with bartending lol so that I can get to the point of just opening my own gym. Yeah, I’ll have to do more market research/demographics, but there’s more demand there than here. Or worst case scenario, I work under someone else – anything so that I can wake up every morning and say that I do what I love. That’s the goal. I know I’m being a complete idiot because I’ve set myself to be successful in finance – 2 degrees, working on certifications, always reading stuff, and working for one of the biggest firms in the world. And I’ve always pictured this income to enable me to do what my parents did: send my kids to private school, spoil them, buy a big house/nice things, go on trips/out to dinners, etc. But now that I only have myself to worry about, it’s different. I still want to travel more, but my potential income isn’t as important anymore. This article was a good reminder of that concept – if you wouldn’t do your job for free, quit. And I’ve always thought it was silly to think such a thing, and that I hated hearing it because it only came from people like Oprah because well, of course they can say follow your heart because they are one of the 5 million people it’ll work out for; they wouldn’t be saying that if they hadn’t gotten to where they did, they’d be grumbling like the rest of us. And I always scoffed at people for “following their heart” when it led them to being broke and in bad situations that could’ve been prevented and they probably knew that but wanted to be dumb. There’s a difference between taking a risk and being dumb. Maybe I just take calculated risks, and yeah, just like my speech on love, one of them could make what looks like a bad decision and it turns out to be spectacular. To each his own. I’m just doing what’s good for me, and truth be told, I’m cringing at getting the “but you won’t make that much money” speech yet again from my mom. I get it any time I bring up health & fitness jobs. I applied and got into nutrition school 3 years ago, but chose a finance job once she gently reminded me that I could kiss designer handbags and Caribbean trips goodbye; jokingly said that I’d have to marry rich lol So yeah, it was a dose of reality, she was doing her job, and if she hadn’t, I’d still be living with my parents. But at this point, I’m done. Not so much of trying to launch into some late rebellion stage, but just a realization. Now that I have the experience – spending the past 4 years COMPLETELY getting fucked by the finance industry/this company even though I tried really hard to go back to grad school and stick it out. And for me to have asshole bosses and watch slackers get rewarded, and spend a year crying at my desk because my job search went nowhere after I made sure to be so qualified. And losing my happiness along the way and feeling like I’m dying inside. And that’s just work, don’t get me started on the love life again. I’m just done with all of it. If you don’t like it, change it. Yes, guys will be assholes anywhere, and yes you’ll have asshole bosses everywhere and see slackers get rewarded. That’s life. But I’ll be damned if I spend the next 40 years working in something that’s not worth taking all of the crap – a nice paycheck can’t fix your misery. Your job really is more than just a source of income. You spend 2,000 hours a year working, so why not do something you love? At least if I go home crying it’ll be because someone said something rude and I had a bad day as a result, and not because simply sitting at my desk makes me feel like a part of me is dying every day. Most people don’t like their jobs, that’s normal. But hating your job so much that it makes you sad in or out of the office…is not healthy. So I’m going to do something about it. I could fail miserably. It could completely turn out to be something different than what I expected. But I’m not going into this blindly – I’ve done research and thought out scenarios and angles. I have backup plans. It’d be different if I just up and decided to be spontaneous at the age of 18. At least this way, if it flops, I always have my finance degrees/experience to get me another boring 9-5 job to survive, and I’ll still have my house. But I don’t want to be one of those people looking back on my life wishing I had taken that chance. It’s time to make moves.

Starting a New Life – Part 2

So back to the why now/why at all thing…
Why now?
– I HATE my job; it makes me miserable; I realized long ago that I hate it and finance; but I recently realized that I can actually do something about it now since I don’t have to plan around a spouse/kids; I still have the power now, at the age of 26, to grab hold of my life, follow my dreams and be happy. I no longer have to do what I’m supposed to do, or follow along with some plan that looks good on paper. As cheesy as it sounds, I can be one of those people to follow their heart instad of their head all the time. And there’s no better time than now because I’ll be damned if I wake up 60 years old miserable and listing all of my what-ifs…

– I’ve kinda always “known” that I could up and move, but knowing it and having the courage to do it are 2 different things. I always thought “What? Up and move across the country ALONE? Who does that??” Then I had an epiphany recently…”Uhhh, yeah Lauren – just like buying a house without a spouse – who does THAT? Oh wait, you did, and you did it like a boss, so why the hell can’t you do it again?” Boom. If I manned up to do that, surely I can channel some moxie to make moves and pursue my happiness.

– yeah, that whole super-intense recent heartbreak? I’m channeling lots of energy from that. No, I will never write about it on here (it’d be a novel), but y’all know it was a big deal to make me not want to get married/have kids/swear off men all together. Ok yeah, 5% of it was other people/my views in general, but seriously – what happened is something I will never recover from – it hurt that deeply. Sure, I’ve had guys in the past where I thought I’d “never get over it,” and I did, but they actually pale in comparison to this situation. So trust me when I say that this was a biggie. I’m not doing this in an effort to run away from him or the hurt – that’s something I’ll always have to carry with me wherever I go. But I’m super proud that I’ve learned to turn sadness and tears into positive energy – fuel to your fire as they say. NO, not in a “I’ll show him” kinda way, because really, if you’re over a situation/person, it shouldn’t matter to you that they know what’s going on with you. For me, not only do I never want to see/speak to this person again, but I couldn’t care less if he knows that I’m doing well or poorly. If someone lies and tells him my life is going downhill, great, don’t care, yawn. Also…just because I can have some bratty thoughts: it’s almost better if they don’t hear about you either way – that usually sets a person’s mind spinning and I like that it eats away at certain people when they can’t find out stuff about you. Think about it! lol If you constantly post FB pics of “omg this is me having fun my life is super awesome without you!” they probably know it’s a show and you’re lying. But if they’ve got nothing to go on……..I’m terrible. Ok, tangents, but my point is this – I’m using all of these heavy feelings I’m carrying around as that extra kick in the rear I needed. Kinda weird since the events aren’t related really since I never I have to see him now anyways, but…I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe this – if you can function without the most important person in your life, then uh, moving/getting a new job should be a piece of cake, right?

– finally, with those 2 big things under my belt, my mom has recently started to “find her own voice.” And seeing it warms my heart SO much – she’s spent the past 26 years putting every ounce (I mean every) of her energy into making sure I’m happy/cared for. Usually parents do this until a child is 18 or moves out. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child, but to this day my mom constantly worries about me, does things for me, and is always there. I mean always (woo, getting choked up y’all) – every time some stupid boy made me upset, or I broke a nail, or the store sold out of that shirt in pink, or hey I decided to be a flight attendent…not only is she always there, but she’s always enthusiastically there, like she’s going through it too and it’s important. I guess that’s the role of a parent, but I know a lot of parents that will dismiss it. Yeah, sometimes she’ll tell me to stop being silly, or make sure I think things through, but she’s always there to answer a call/listen to me talk in circles for hours. It blows my mind. And I get random texts: “Did you eat? Do you need groceries? I’m bringing groceries over. Here’s a Disney dvd.” Not even kidding. She definitely doesn’t baby me – she’s MADE SURE that I’m an independent, strong woman who takes care of herself. But it’s still nice to feel so loved, and it BLOWS my mind to the extent that she still does. It’s one thing to take a call to let me vent about someone at work, but another for her to make sure she gets a new Disney dvd…for her 26-year-old daughter. (not even sry btw) Most parents get you to 18, wash their hands like “I did my job – you’re on your own now, sport.” Some might lend you money when you need it, but most won’t support your new idea or even let you move back home to get back on your feet for fear of enabling. I dunno, I just think she’s Supermom compared to a lot of people; I don’t think I’m biased either – a lot of people are like “wow, your parents do that for you?” Everyone else sees the crazy too lol But all in all, I adore my mom, and for her to decide over the past few months and verbally declare that “this is her time now – now that she knows I’m ok and settled, she can live for herself” – warms my heart. A little mid-life crisis-like and I’m hoping the extent of “daring” is a 1-inch tattoo, but I couldn’t be happier. I’m close to my parents and LOVE LOVE LOVE being 10 miles from them. I don’t want to say I felt “obligated” or they’ve been keeping me here in some way like I was scared to leave them…but I’d miss them! wahh lol But now I think it’s coming together – things happening in my life, and my mom “starting” hers – maybe without me physically around, it’ll somehow give her “freedom”? Of course she’ll worry more when she can’t get to me in 10 minutes, and doesn’t know what’s going on with me 800 miles away, but I think this will be good. I don’t feel like a burden, but with me out of sight, maybe it’ll be good since she can’t pop over a few times a week to check on me – she can still visit though!

– I might’ve mentioned this before, but a friend already lives in new city and he loves it; he, myself, and a mutual friend have been toying around with this master plan for a little while. The thing is that this city was really a lot lower on my list of potential cities, but since 1) I’m not that picky – any of the cities is well, not here 2) my mom recommended it/wanted me to go to school there 3) it’s a 2 hour drive from our family 4) one of my biggest fears of not knowing anyone is solved – so this city choice shot to the top of my list when I realized that I wouldn’t have to be some lonlely girl walking around the city scared. Yes, I love doing things alone, but the safety factor is different. I can wander around here by myself all the time, but seeing some little girl wandering around looking lost in a big city? Target. I will not end up on Dateline. So that makes me feel better to have two guys to go places with me and check in on me!

Starting a New Life – Part 1

I can’t even type fast enough, I’m so excited to just gush about this plan I’m hatching. I’ll skip the intro and get right to it:

I’ve decided to move 800 miles away! That’s right: this do-the-right-thing, play it safe girl is going to pack a Uhaul and make moves. Serious moves.

If you know me in real life, you know that this is something I’ve never entertained and swore I’d never do…until recently. Yes, people move all the time, but I always thought it wasn’t for me. I thought I was living life “the right way” – we moved here 13 years ago for my dad’s job – I went to high school here, to college 40 minutes away, and stayed in the area ever since – got jobs here and went so far as to settle in and buy a house. I envisioned myself never having to leave because I really don’t think there’s a better place to be for me: the area is really safe, good schools, great proximity to cities/airports, and lots of parks. And my parents live like 10 miles away. Not only did I know this would be good for me starting out on my own, but I thought for sure if I were getting married & having kids, I wouldn’t have reason to move. And I said that the only reason I would ever consider moving is with a husband – if his job required it, or if we really just loved a city that much and wanted to kinda branch out on our own. But in that sense, I’d not only be making such a drastic change outside of my comfort zone, but I’d be doing it with someone – and not just anyone, but my soulmate and really, how can you be scared if it’s with your soulmate?

But…all that shit got thrown out of the window over the past 2 months lol I no longer envision any of that white picket fence crap for myself – I’ve just accepted the reality (and side note – I told my mom last week and she is PISSED over the no grandchildren thing…) But ya know, all of that stuff isn’t meant for everyone. I always thought it was for me, and always wanted it, but hey…crap happens.

SO. This brings me to the many reasons why now/why at all (this is all I’ve thought about/reasearched the past few days):

Common barriers to relocating:

  • significant other/spouse – will they come with me? Will we try long-distance? Can they find a job in the new city? NONE OF THIS. I have zero issues here 🙂
  • kids – how is the new school system? Is the area safe? Are there things for them to do or will they like it? What about their friends here? How will they adjust. NONE. No baggage lol
  • selling a house / buying a new one – my mommy (love her) was a huge proponent for me buying my house, lots of support. She is a very “safe” person too, so you can imagine how surprised I was when she told me “don’t let your house hold you back.” This was in reference to us discussing a possible move last year to be with the then-boyfriend (gag). She saw how upset I was when he moved and without me even bringing up moving, she said “You can move down there – I’ll take your house so don’t worry about selling it.” WAIT WHAT?! Not only are you ok with me basically ditching such a huge investment/responsibility oh, a year into it, but you’re ok with me moving to be with some guy I’m not even engaged to?! I’m still scratching my head on that one because she is super conservative…as in she freaks if she knows a guy spent the night over here/me at his, and she doesn’t really like the idea of people moving in together before marriage. I could go on, but I’m chalking it up to she was just being supermom trying to do anything to stop her daughter’s tears (words can’t express how much I love her). The bottom line is that I wouldn’t have to worry about selling my house – not the easiest thing to do in this economy/ever, and most companies wouldn’t cover my relocation fees anyway; and I’m WAY too emotionally attached to this house to (gulp) rent it out, and a potential new house would have to blow me away since I built this house – it really is “me” so I can’t have some creepy stranger come all up in here and ruin it or not appreciate it correctly. It just wouldn’t feel like “mine” ever again lol I wouldn’t be mad at the rent covering most of the mortgage payment, but whatev. ALSO, let’s just say I live in new city for a year and hate it? Boom, backup plan in place, just come back here. Alwayssss have a backup plan.

Shit got really real at work today.

Someone is trying to tell me something.


When I first started new job 6 weeks ago, I thought: “This isn’t what you want; but it’s better than old job; so shut up, roll with the experience, and start looking for something else in a few months.” (& my mom said the same thing…)
After a few days I thought: “Wow, this is hard…in a good way…and everyone is awesome; maybe I could stick with this for a while after all since there’s a good chance it will lead to the opportunity I really want.”
And yesterday, I was all like: “Fuck this. I’ve worked too hard to be where I am; I know success isn’t overnight, most people would say I’ve been successful, and it’s still better than old job, but I’m still settling – get me outta here and not just because it’s hard/a bad day.”


Ironic timing – today things got real. This was my first week of taking on accounts for someone who just left the team and I’ve just finished training for that. TODAY, we found out a second person is leaving the team, so now I have to take on those accounts too. And they’re a much larger quantity/complexity.


This is a big deal because there essentially have already been a few strikes:
1. I came into this at a disadvantage because I didn’t study/work in accounting like everyone else. So I’ve had to work extra hard to get my finance brain around all that (but the managers say I’ve been learning quickly…even though I still feel like I’m kinda lost…then again I guess I’m just a boss…kinda how I roll lol)
2. Just learning these first accounts has been rough
3. It’s not like I’ve even had these accounts for a month or so – at least that’d be basis for moving on to the harder ones


So at first when my manager told me that taking on this stuff would call for even longer hours & more effort/work, I was like:


BUT THEN. She explained that I also have to train a new person on my “old” accounts. So while I smiled calmly on the outside, I was really like:

So you mean to tell me that you’re going to have the non-accounting person who JUST finished training and hasn’t had accounts for more than a few days to take on complex ones AND train someone on stuff she is still kinda trying to get her head around? OH, OK. That sounds like a plan. Not that we really have an option at this point…


But then my manager gleefully says “this is the opportunity of a lifetime and will no doubt get you to your ultimate goal within a year.” So I should feel like “yay! Finally! My hard work is paying off and it’s about to happen – this is why I was brought here, and although I planned on getting something else, especially yesterday, there’s a reason why something else didn’t come along – because what I’ve been looking for is right in my lap – and the ultimate opportunity just revealed itself – I just needed patience, everything happens for a reason, blah blah blah.”


So while I’m trying to be all like “psh, whatever. Still sucks that I have to jump through yet another hoop while I’ve already put in more work than most people and I should be further along,” I can’t help but feel a little excited and inspired. Instead of being like F-M-L, I feel the urge to step my game up, put my big girl panties on, and do. work.


My mind is blown. This is all happening so fast. Probably sounds a bit dramatic but whatev. And I’m kinda looking forward to getting to travel to NYC every now and then (or move there). Leggo.