What I did today!

I haven’t been blogging much lately simply because I’ve been semi-depressed. Just stuck and trying to deal with love life feelings & work & misc. I already hate work, and this week is going to be pure hell – as in 14-hour days. I can’t. I’m currently chugging wine and staring at my work laptop across the room if that tells you anything.

SO. I’m going to focus on the (little) good for now – it was a good day and I’m feeling quite proud of myself right now.

I sprang out of bed early, and before I even thought about getting coffee, I cleaned out my garage, cleaned out my refrigerator and took out lots of trash (all things a guy could be helping with but whatev). I told myself I’d go to the gym later (I didn’t go yesterday due to shopping) but realized that the later in the day it gets, the less likely I am to go on the weekends – it’s much easier to go during the week at any time of day. So instead of kidding myself, I went right over after cleaning without a break and did some serious intervals on the treadmill AND 5 sets of pull-ups after. Booyah.

Came home, showered, and let myself watch men’s Olympic water polo. Good Lord, I have a newfound love for that sport. Mmm. Er, I mean, I appreciate the athleticism required. Seriously though, that has to be hard since they can’t touch the bottom of the pool. Anywho, while watching (drooling) I made a grocery list. I’ve been on this kick to make Sunday dinners…just for myself. I usually don’t cook since it’s just me, and well, it takes a lot of time/effort usually. Not that I’m lazy…I guess I’m usually just in the mindset that if you’re not a foodie and really into it, you’ll create something not fit for human consumption. But thanks to Pinterest and some lovely blogs, I’ve found delicious and healthy recipes to try. I’ve also decided a) I’m 26 years old and have a house – time to grow up, you’re on your own and not in college anymore b) even though you have no one to cook for, throw those extras in some Tupperware and take it for lunch, and c) you clearly have the time on the weekends to cook, and let’s face it, avoiding dating has given you even more time; & you’re always looking for something to put your energy into instead of thinking too much and crying over him…again.

I’m all about distractions 🙂 So last week I made some amazing chicken AND baked some muffins for breakfast. Tonight I made the best one yet:


Seriously. This is not a game.

I almost cried it was so good. And I made it! Kinda fulfilling. And I’m always looking for ways to get more veggies into my diet (we all need to). This is also coming on the heels of a trip to Whole Foods yesterday – I’m in love. Just coming through the doors made me instantly feel like I wanted to recycle something, plant a tree, and become a vegan, then and there. I usually eat pretty healthy, recycle a lot, live in a green community, and avoid plastic bags/bottles like no other. But these people are hard-core. Organic everything? Compost piles? I do my part, but I can’t give up buying makeup at Sephora or using Lysol lol. Yet Whole Foods just makes you want to be a better person. I’ve been on (another) a self-improvement kick for about 6 weeks now; taking vitamins, doing new, consistent workouts at the gym (& getting swimsuit compliments!), and even making lots of smoothies…with spinach and protein powder. Gasp. So I think I’ll make some more trips to Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s, especially since not everything is crazy expensive. Again, lots of refocusing my energy into me and being a better person instead of letting work / love sorrows get me down. I’ve let that keep me from blogging, but maybe I’ll force myself to come on here to drop whatever little good there is 🙂


I’m kind of a domestic goddess.

Today I:

  • did laundry
  • took out the trash and recycling
  • did the dishes
  • mopped
  • (got my nails done lol)
  • cut some coupons
  • AND made Sunday dinner

Future husband – please just prepare yourself for my level of amazing. Matter of fact, just grab a beer and chill.

lmao But seriously, I feel accomplished, as silly as it is. I woke up and realized, hmm, today would be a good day for Sunday dinner (duh). However, my dad usually makes it. For some reason, today I felt inspired. You see, being a single gal, I don’t cook that often. Not that I can’t, but I don’t have anyone to share it with (that was an attempt at getting sympathy; no? ok, then…) Plus, I feel like I’m usually too busy to do it.

But I’m always saving recipes like it’s my job. As in, I’ve saved probably 300 plus. Ask me how many I’ve made. Maybe 3 over the past 10 months? (I went on a cooking rampage when the ex and I broke up last summer, and I made some life-changing penne a la vodka; between that and signing up for a gym membership, that breakup did me some good – thanks, asshole. But I digress.)

So today I thought, you want dinner; you have a million recipes – go. So I went to the grocery store, got my things, and fired up the crock-pot. This is a big deal, don’t laugh. Between Christmas and my birthday, I got a crock-pot, a juicer, and a few other kitchen things. The gross part – I was excited about it. That was a true signal that I’m getting older – I didn’t request clothes, handbags, or electronics; I actually got excited for -gulp- home goods. Who am I?? Especially the crock-pot – that’s always been the quintessential Soccer Mom appliance to me. She’s the woman on the go, too busy taking kids to piano and soccer practices, so she sets the crock-pot to be ready for her hungry family with a hot meal when they get home! Ha.

So yeah, I got all of my ingredients and did some small prep…which was really just chopping onion and celery, and thawing chicken breast, but come on. And I even like measured out the salt and stuff. HAHA Oh geez. This is the closest I’ve come to cooking in about 2 months, so give me some credit. I chose this recipe. Why? I meannn, all it called for was me throwing everything in and coming back a few hours later, AND it had wine in it?? Done and done. Calling my name. The best part? I now have 3/4 of an open bottle of wine left – I guess I have to drink it, duh. Can’t let it go to waste, now can we? (I was looking for a reason to drink anyways, thanks!!) Also, I felt fancy using fresh thyme – that’s not something I buy…ever. That’s just not a normal thing. So call me a chef because I used a spice/herb that doesn’t come in a shaker lol I also like this recipe because I’ve been trying to find something using quinoa – cleaning up my diet and all.


The end result is good! Not that I could’ve screwed it up, but hooray for not burning the house down?? Baby steps, people. And I guess I’ve gotten around the whole “no one else to cook for thing” – you better believe these leftovers are going in several small tupperware containers in my fridge – lunch all week at work? A total of 3 seconds in my morning rush to throw 1 container in my bag and microwave it at work instead of getting a $7 sandwich? Booyah.

I kill myself. But seriously, I’m kinda proud – does that make me a nerd? Whatever. I’m going to make lots more stuff because I just need to suck it up and do it more. Not to mention, I got these words of wisdom from my father: “Now is the time for you to try lots of recipes and experiment in the kitchen so that when you get married, you won’t kill your husband with dinner.” Yep.