little wins are big

I obviously fell off of my regular gratitude posts, but I just had a wave of “things aren’t that bad, high five for the little things” and made a list in my head. This is a big deal because things have gotten kinda real lately…

  • Taking off my phone/laptop case and seeing how delightfully smooth and scratch free it is
  • Putting on sweats after taking off work clothes at the end of the day
  • Super cold applesauce right out of the fridge
  • Looking forward to cheat day (and knowing that you deserve it; #pizzaandbeer)
  • Knowing that you can go out and start anything new, any day now
  • Knowing that someone appreciates what you did for them when you thought nothing of it
  • Overhearing that someone thinks you’re a genius and realizing that your hard work has finally paid off
  • Hope. There is always hope.

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