I’m baaaaackkkk

Yay! Ok, so after a hiatus from blogging, I recently felt the need to dust the cobwebs off of this old thing. I know so many of you have been on the edge of your seat lol

I decided to take a break from the blog because well, I felt like it became too much of a venting forum for me. Yes, it’s good to vent and often therapeutic to get things out, but I realized that it allowed me to focus too much on all of the negatives in my life. Ya know, like get too bogged down, kinda stuck and just swimming in a pool of “poor me.”

Well no more! Trust, there will still be the occasional rant (because hey, life gets real sometimes), but I’ve been focusing on pulling myself out of the rut that has been my life for the past, oh 1-2 years haha Between HATING my job, a broken heart/love life, and a few other common quarter-life crisis woes, life’s been a bit bleh.

But I’ve been on an inspirational roll over the past five months. I’m talking avalanche, steam roll, all kinds of momentum over here. No, my life’s not perfect (ha) or where I totally want it to be yet, but focusing on the good things and realizing that things won’t always be this way have helped me out a lot lately.

So what have I been up to? Big things…(for me lol)

  • I’ve been dating (ish) – nothing promising, and I even ventured into the online thing, but I’m proud of myself for getting out there and trying again! If nothing else, I’ve gotten some great (horror) stories to share…
  • I started CrossFit – ok, ok. I’ll try not to talk about it 24/7 like everyone else, but it’s basically changed my life. For reals. I’d actually been interested in it for a few years from watching the games on ESPN, but was super hesitant to try it. My bestie joined and had me go to the open house – that’s all it took. Game over. I joined, am obsessed, and wake up at 4:30am to go. I drank the kool-aid and could go on, but will have to make that another post…
  • I’m back on Facebook – don’t laugh! We all know it’s totally unheard of for someone to not be on FB and have your life revolve around it haha I took the “brave” step last March to deactivate my account because I needed to be away from anything related to “that guy,” and was just fed up with a news feed full of babies and engagements and my life is wonderful crap from all of these people I went to high school with and haven’t seen in years. So I kinda retreated/became a social media hermit lol But I reactivated a couple months ago; can’t say I missed it…I guess I can stomach the posts now, and some people actually post interesting things worth reading. There are also a few friends/family members it’s nice to keep up with. (silly, I know)

Hmm, nothing else really jumping out…nothing monumental. Oh, on the job front – the search has been going a lot better! Had some good interviews…I actually have the biggest interview of my life tomorrow, and will hear back by Friday for one I had last month & they said I’m the top candidate. So I’m feeling good about these two! Additional positive energy you want to throw my way is much appreciated 🙂

So yeah…I’ve just been getting out there, living life, and being my happy self again. So I think it’s good I get back to documenting all of these things, especially since I bought myself a fancy camera – I need to put it to good use! I think I’ve distracted myself enough now from my interview jitters…and Catfish is about to come on (hello! can we discuss??) Hopefully I’ll bring home some good news!


2 thoughts on “I’m baaaaackkkk

  1. I don’t have cable but I substitute it with watching shows online. The only problem is the wait…Although Catfish is soooo predictable now, I do kind of like watching it (yelling at the TV) and reading live Tweets about it. I personally have a crush on Nev, if I don’t think about him in boxers.
    I know what you mean about rants, when I started my blog I was living in Costa Rica to endure this same “life crisis” you speak of and it was virtually impossible to be negative while living in paradise. Sometimes you just need to change your environment, your routine, your habits (a harder task) or simply what you’re feeding yourself!
    FB and I also have an on and off relationship, mostly off, because I hate getting caught up reading about people’s POV’s and everyone’s “philosophy.” I really miss when they limited the characters on statuses!! But for the most part, I keep it because now I can live without it, especially while I’m in school.
    It’s good to hear that you’re taking baby steps, soon enough, you’ll read this and say “I remember the time…”
    Best wishes on the interview! Get some rest!

    • Nev = hot. lol And I yell at the tv too!

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a life crisis – thanks for making me feel better/somewhat sane haha And thank you for the well wishes, off to bed I go 🙂

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