The baby fever is back…

(don’t laugh)

Saturday at the family reunion, I put my first baby to sleep lol This is a big deal – I’m not used to being around babies. I never had any younger siblings. Yeah, I’ve had limited interaction with my little cousins as babies, but that doesn’t really count. It was only like I got to observe what the grown-ups were doing and they let me feel like I was contributing by handing them a diaper or bottle. ALSO, most girls babysit in their teens – it’s a very common thing. So between the two situations, most people are exposed to babies and are (somewhat) prepared for being a parent. I’ve kinda always been afraid that I’d do it wrong or “break it.” So yeah, I’m pretty proud – it was like this weird, natural, maternal instinct kicked in. I was even proud of myself for picking up on all the little signs that he was sleepy/really needed to go to sleep; the stuff I always hear people talk about but never got. So now I want one. I always have, but now this just might be the thing to make me consider marriage – only to have a baby. (totally kidding…-ish)

In other news, my 9-month old puppy went outside on her own yesterday. SUPER proud parent moment. It’s seriously been a process, this whole potty-training thing. So yeah, even though she’s my fur baby, kinda proud.
Someone get me a baby, stat.


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