Airport – all day

So I’m on my way home today from the family reunion I mentioned. (Had a great time)

I will literally be in airports from 9:30am CST until 7:30pm EST. This is thanks to a three hour flight and a three hour layover in NYC.

I’m not complaining. Did I ever mention my love for airports?? Always have since I was little. So much fun.

So expect a few posts…until I get sick of typing on my Kindle Fire touchscreen (wish I had my laptop…)

P.S. – I made a beeline for the seat at my gate with the charging station – I love that more & more airports are putting them in so I don’t have to sit on the floor by some random outlet I managed to find. Crazy how precious our battery power is!

P.P.S. – I just got hit on and told I’m gorgeous. I have traces of makeup on… a messy ponytail and bummy sweatpants. No sleep the past few days – in short I look like death…


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