OK. I had eight (8) meetings today. After having three Coronas out on the balcony, I still haven’t calmed down. And the rest of the week at work will be 14-hour days. I can’t.

SO. In an effort to keep my head on straight and not focus on how much I want a new job/other life improvements, I’m making a list of the good things on my mind:

  • I started reading Harry Potter…and am so ashamed. Yes, 5 years after the bandwagon, but whatever. I’ve been on this reading kick lately but I gave up on Fifty Shades of Grey and Hunger Games. So, so much hype for those as well as the Potter series, but kinda eh to me. Don’t get me wrong, 50 is wink wink good, but the story didn’t suck me in. Same for Hunger Games. So after making fun of everyone and not feeding into the hype, I gave in. I never understood how so many adults were obsessing over children’s books and how popular the books/movies became. But I kinda get it now. I’m not into Fantasy books, but it’s a nice escape from everyday life to read about a kid becoming a wizard. Like how can you not love magic? Ok, really nerdy and it’s really silly to me, but it’s just so innocent and fun. I find myself Googling things about it. Ugh, I hate myself for this but am glad that a series finally got me for my summer reading list. And I don’t have to worry about finishing one and being sad there isn’t another one. So shh, I’m a Pothead, don’t tell anyone.
  • Fall is coming and I am PUMPED. Boots and scarves and leaves and apple picking! I can’t wait. Glorious boots! Had to reiterate. I’m slightly obsessed with boots and scarves. Shoes, not so much – I try not to wear heels due to the hassle; but boots?! The flat riding ones are comfy,warm, and look amazing with pants tucked in or with a skirt. Ok, I’m done.
  • I want to find a cute local coffeeshop (not Sbux or DD). To just sit, read, sip, and peoplewatch.
  • What did I ever do before Netflix?! $7.99 is SO SO worth me watching Law and Order SVU times infinity. I watch about 3 episodes a night. All commercial free. All good.
  • But seriously, who told cops that talking into your sleeve is discreet? With an earpiece no less. Maybe it looks like you’re wiping your nose or coughing? I don’t get it. That’s why the perp always runs! (you like my cop lingo)
  • I should be getting my Nikon camera soon and I can’t wait to take pictures of everything everywhere.
  • Talked to my grandma on the phone today – cracks me up every time. Favorite person ever. Beautiful spirit.
  • I’m thinking of doing a drastic diet change…try vegan for a week? Just to see if I can? All I ever hear about is Weight Watchers and it’s not just the cheesy commercials anymore. Have you seen Pinterest? And I read on Webmd that it’s the top-rated diet in terms of overall health and that Paleo is bad & you have to be careful with vegan/veg too. Hmm. Not looking for a “diet,” just slight lifestyle change because my inner nutritionist passion is coming out and I’m curious.

Ok, I feel better…as I turn to my now open work laptop. Sad face. Ugh. Have to man up and work for a few hours to prep for tomorrow, take a NAP, and get to work 2 hours early. At least it’s Wednesday tomorrow? Yeah.


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