Starting a New Life – Part 3

SO. Here’s the deets:
– this will be a 2 phase program. The 5-year plan is to duh, transition out of finance into my dream job of health & fitness. How will I do this? Unfortunately, my finance degrees/experience don’t qualify me to jump right into a job in health & fitness. Sooo I’m currently applying for more finance jobs down there (Atlanta, btw) – I figure I can have something secured by the end of August. So that’s phase 1 – physically move down there within the next 3 months.
Phase 2 includes (painfully) sucking it up and using the finance job to keep a roof over my head while I…spend 3 months studying for and taking my CPT/CSCS exam and getting CPR certified instead of trying to go back to school. I can just save up and study for the exam at night so that I can become qualified for my dream job by the end of the year. Or even if it takes a few months more, it’s cool – at least I’m already employed.

– I’ll keep paying for my house here, and get an apartment down there. I don’t have to get a crazy pay increase to do both because…wait for it…I’ll just use the money I’ve been putting away each month for my future kids! How ironic is that? I’ve been doing the right thing saving early for the little tots, and now that that’s no longer happening…boom, like free money. So I win – I get to relocate without having to sell my beloved house and it’s still here if new city doesn’t work out! But it will…

– So IDEALLY, we can fast forward to where I’m working in some fab health & fitness job to the point where I can quit the finance job completely; I’m being realistic and know that it won’t pay as much as my finance job, but it’s cool because I’d been using the job to save up some more, and I have some other stuff I can liquidate for emergencies (again, backup plans!); also, kinda 1b of my dream job…I want to bartend. LOL I’ve mentioned this before, and I really want to do it. I know it’s cheesy bc it’s not like saying “I want to be a doctor,” but I know I’d be good at it…so much so where I could make great tips as substantial extra income while having some fun lol People tell me I’m personable and would be good at it, so it’s not me being hopeful haha I love hearing other people’s stories/good random conversations to provoke your thoughts/mind; I love liquor; I live in black spandex now which is the standard uniform; I have no spouse/kid so I can work til 3am; I always have a big smile on my face; I do everything quickly/with a sense of urgency; and I’ve worked in retail so I have that customer experience. This is a no-brainer. Yeah, tips can fluctuate and you have to get into a good bar, but I could kill it lol So pencil in some 4-hour bartending course along the way.

– I plan on just spending a few years absorbing as much knowledge and experience as I can while saving/supplementing with bartending lol so that I can get to the point of just opening my own gym. Yeah, I’ll have to do more market research/demographics, but there’s more demand there than here. Or worst case scenario, I work under someone else – anything so that I can wake up every morning and say that I do what I love. That’s the goal. I know I’m being a complete idiot because I’ve set myself to be successful in finance – 2 degrees, working on certifications, always reading stuff, and working for one of the biggest firms in the world. And I’ve always pictured this income to enable me to do what my parents did: send my kids to private school, spoil them, buy a big house/nice things, go on trips/out to dinners, etc. But now that I only have myself to worry about, it’s different. I still want to travel more, but my potential income isn’t as important anymore. This article was a good reminder of that concept – if you wouldn’t do your job for free, quit. And I’ve always thought it was silly to think such a thing, and that I hated hearing it because it only came from people like Oprah because well, of course they can say follow your heart because they are one of the 5 million people it’ll work out for; they wouldn’t be saying that if they hadn’t gotten to where they did, they’d be grumbling like the rest of us. And I always scoffed at people for “following their heart” when it led them to being broke and in bad situations that could’ve been prevented and they probably knew that but wanted to be dumb. There’s a difference between taking a risk and being dumb. Maybe I just take calculated risks, and yeah, just like my speech on love, one of them could make what looks like a bad decision and it turns out to be spectacular. To each his own. I’m just doing what’s good for me, and truth be told, I’m cringing at getting the “but you won’t make that much money” speech yet again from my mom. I get it any time I bring up health & fitness jobs. I applied and got into nutrition school 3 years ago, but chose a finance job once she gently reminded me that I could kiss designer handbags and Caribbean trips goodbye; jokingly said that I’d have to marry rich lol So yeah, it was a dose of reality, she was doing her job, and if she hadn’t, I’d still be living with my parents. But at this point, I’m done. Not so much of trying to launch into some late rebellion stage, but just a realization. Now that I have the experience – spending the past 4 years COMPLETELY getting fucked by the finance industry/this company even though I tried really hard to go back to grad school and stick it out. And for me to have asshole bosses and watch slackers get rewarded, and spend a year crying at my desk because my job search went nowhere after I made sure to be so qualified. And losing my happiness along the way and feeling like I’m dying inside. And that’s just work, don’t get me started on the love life again. I’m just done with all of it. If you don’t like it, change it. Yes, guys will be assholes anywhere, and yes you’ll have asshole bosses everywhere and see slackers get rewarded. That’s life. But I’ll be damned if I spend the next 40 years working in something that’s not worth taking all of the crap – a nice paycheck can’t fix your misery. Your job really is more than just a source of income. You spend 2,000 hours a year working, so why not do something you love? At least if I go home crying it’ll be because someone said something rude and I had a bad day as a result, and not because simply sitting at my desk makes me feel like a part of me is dying every day. Most people don’t like their jobs, that’s normal. But hating your job so much that it makes you sad in or out of the office…is not healthy. So I’m going to do something about it. I could fail miserably. It could completely turn out to be something different than what I expected. But I’m not going into this blindly – I’ve done research and thought out scenarios and angles. I have backup plans. It’d be different if I just up and decided to be spontaneous at the age of 18. At least this way, if it flops, I always have my finance degrees/experience to get me another boring 9-5 job to survive, and I’ll still have my house. But I don’t want to be one of those people looking back on my life wishing I had taken that chance. It’s time to make moves.


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