Starting a New Life – Part 1

I can’t even type fast enough, I’m so excited to just gush about this plan I’m hatching. I’ll skip the intro and get right to it:

I’ve decided to move 800 miles away! That’s right: this do-the-right-thing, play it safe girl is going to pack a Uhaul and make moves. Serious moves.

If you know me in real life, you know that this is something I’ve never entertained and swore I’d never do…until recently. Yes, people move all the time, but I always thought it wasn’t for me. I thought I was living life “the right way” – we moved here 13 years ago for my dad’s job – I went to high school here, to college 40 minutes away, and stayed in the area ever since – got jobs here and went so far as to settle in and buy a house. I envisioned myself never having to leave because I really don’t think there’s a better place to be for me: the area is really safe, good schools, great proximity to cities/airports, and lots of parks. And my parents live like 10 miles away. Not only did I know this would be good for me starting out on my own, but I thought for sure if I were getting married & having kids, I wouldn’t have reason to move. And I said that the only reason I would ever consider moving is with a husband – if his job required it, or if we really just loved a city that much and wanted to kinda branch out on our own. But in that sense, I’d not only be making such a drastic change outside of my comfort zone, but I’d be doing it with someone – and not just anyone, but my soulmate and really, how can you be scared if it’s with your soulmate?

But…all that shit got thrown out of the window over the past 2 months lol I no longer envision any of that white picket fence crap for myself – I’ve just accepted the reality (and side note – I told my mom last week and she is PISSED over the no grandchildren thing…) But ya know, all of that stuff isn’t meant for everyone. I always thought it was for me, and always wanted it, but hey…crap happens.

SO. This brings me to the many reasons why now/why at all (this is all I’ve thought about/reasearched the past few days):

Common barriers to relocating:

  • significant other/spouse – will they come with me? Will we try long-distance? Can they find a job in the new city? NONE OF THIS. I have zero issues here 🙂
  • kids – how is the new school system? Is the area safe? Are there things for them to do or will they like it? What about their friends here? How will they adjust. NONE. No baggage lol
  • selling a house / buying a new one – my mommy (love her) was a huge proponent for me buying my house, lots of support. She is a very “safe” person too, so you can imagine how surprised I was when she told me “don’t let your house hold you back.” This was in reference to us discussing a possible move last year to be with the then-boyfriend (gag). She saw how upset I was when he moved and without me even bringing up moving, she said “You can move down there – I’ll take your house so don’t worry about selling it.” WAIT WHAT?! Not only are you ok with me basically ditching such a huge investment/responsibility oh, a year into it, but you’re ok with me moving to be with some guy I’m not even engaged to?! I’m still scratching my head on that one because she is super conservative…as in she freaks if she knows a guy spent the night over here/me at his, and she doesn’t really like the idea of people moving in together before marriage. I could go on, but I’m chalking it up to she was just being supermom trying to do anything to stop her daughter’s tears (words can’t express how much I love her). The bottom line is that I wouldn’t have to worry about selling my house – not the easiest thing to do in this economy/ever, and most companies wouldn’t cover my relocation fees anyway; and I’m WAY too emotionally attached to this house to (gulp) rent it out, and a potential new house would have to blow me away since I built this house – it really is “me” so I can’t have some creepy stranger come all up in here and ruin it or not appreciate it correctly. It just wouldn’t feel like “mine” ever again lol I wouldn’t be mad at the rent covering most of the mortgage payment, but whatev. ALSO, let’s just say I live in new city for a year and hate it? Boom, backup plan in place, just come back here. Alwayssss have a backup plan.

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