I need to hear this now more than ever – perfection.

“A man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains to keep the woman he loves. If he’s not calling you to tell you he loves you and wants you back, it should only be because he’s showing up at your new residence to do it in person … if he’s not doing any of that, he may love you, he may miss you, but ultimately he’s just not that into you. Stop taking his calls and let him know what it’s like to live without you…No matter how powerful and real your feelings may be for someone, if that person cannot fully and honestly return them and therefore actively love you back, these feelings mean nothing.”

— He’s Just Not That Into You

Excuse me while I cry.


One thought on “I need to hear this now more than ever – perfection.

  1. While I haven’t read that book, those words are so incredibly true. I work with women all the time and tell them exactly that. A man who wants to be with you will move heaven and earth to be by your side. Anything less will never work.

    So sorry if you are sad. I’ve been sad many times before and it just sucks. I’ll send you happy vibes and hopes that everything ends up as you’ve always dreamed.

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