“hey cl me”

I really just got this text.

1. You’re a grown-ass man, don’t text like a 12-year-old.
2. A real man picks up the phone if he wants to talk to a lady. Does your phone suddenly not have outgoing calls? That might work with the hoes I see you with, but I’m not the one. I’m not some silly girl to run behind you and call you bc you said to.
3. I HAVE ZERO DESIRE TO TALK TO YOU. How have you not gotten the hint?!?! We’re barely friends; I like someone else. I’m trying to be nice, but I can see I might have to turn the ‘b’ on.
4. This – this is exactly why I need a certain someone to save me. Save me from the filth that is 99% of men. You all disgust me. And this is why women don’t trust you/so many of us are single.

I don’t know why that irritated me so much, but it did. I should be glad someone wants to talk to me, but the level of ignorance is no longer tolerable. It’s really annoying at this point – like a gnat in my ear. It just blows my mind bc it seems like being a good guy is such a simple, straightforward thing. How do so many mess it up?! I think it actually takes work to be an idiot, it must. Like do you recognize the qualities of a good man, shrug your shoulders, and skip off to be an idiot instead?? I really don’t get it. It’s one thing to choose to be an idiot, do that in your own time and space, but when it intrudes on my calm and peace, now I’m mad. This is why I avoid guys – because otherwise you’re inviting idiot-behavior into your space. You all keep proving me right…

Dear ❤ …help 😦


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