Waiting room observations

• I need a job that allows me to wear scrubs all day every day. Super jealous right now. Just being comfy all day, must be nice. Although I’m wearing a new dress today…and it’s cute. Just sayin.
• one of the (fine) surgeons came out with galoshes on. Galoshes?! Really?? Does shit really get that real in the operating room? I need to know. Because I immediately envision body parts flying all on the floor and he’s gotta wade through them. Blech, gross. Like, why can’t the man wear those little bootie shoe cover things? The disposable ones TV doctors wear…
• it’s cold as hell in here (maybe Hell is inaccurate…)
• I’m hungryyy
• they need to bring my dad out asap before I flip a chair. He better be ok and in no pain. I mean it. Of course he had to say when he went in: “If I don’t come out of this, I love you.” OH OK. Not trying to hear that, homie. Luckily, one of the perks of new job is having a fancy laptop and home access. Bye, meetings. Glad I get to take care of pops lol
• note to self – never get sick or injured. Ever. This surgery/hospital shit is for the birds. Between this and being in the ER with my mom last month, I’ve decided that I don’t want it. No parts. There, it’s in stone. 100% healthy for the rest of my life, thanks.
• this man is chewing his chips WAY too loudly. Shut that shit up. But some foods you can’t eat “cute.”
• this lady just kissed her kids goodbye/ilu before she went into surgery. I can’t.
• How much do you love my play-by-play? I guess I could tweet. Or not. Off to Netflix and WAIT some more, bye.


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