in other news

  • Saturday we booked our trip to the Bahamas for next month. Ask me how excited I am. 🙂
  • This will be part of a mandatory two-week vacation. I don’t hate it.
  • my dad broke his wrist and has surgery Wednesday morning. I’m freaking out. But don’t tell him because I can tell he’s scared…and that freaks me out. Dads don’t get scared. But I’m focusing on the fact that it’s just his wrist, it could be a lot worse, and even though he annoys me sometimes, I am GLAD to have him around and don’t know what I’d do without him or my mom. Love those crazies.
  • I went on a run outside today just so I wouldn’t have to see creeper at the gym…and I’ve decided to completely flip my workouts to 5am to avoid him/the others all together. Ok, he’s like 2% of it, I wouldn’t run from him…but he ruins my time there and that’s my favorite time of the day. But more importantly, because that’s when it’s not crowded (which is annoying) and I can focus (bikini season, hello); andd because with new job, I have no idea when I’ll leave work – better to get it done in the am and be done for the day. Let’s see how this goes…not sure if my body will be awake yet, ugh

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