Things I don’t hate right now

• new job is going well
• …minus my brain being fried anddd working til 9 or 10pm all week due to month end crap
• tomorrow is jeans day and we only have half of a day
• I’ve gotten a good amount of studying done
• I have amazing parents
• this coffee kicking in 🙂
• for some reason, when I think of him, I still smile…I have no idea if he’s even alive right now, but I’ve had this weird sense of peace lately…not sure what the hell that means bc it could be good or bad…& I kinda hate that I haven’t talked to him in weeks bc he is literally the only person I know that actually gets all of the crap on my plate right now. SIGH.
• my dogs make me smile
• I’ve been really responsible lately (patting myself on the back lol)
• also proud of myself for avoiding the (2) creepers like the plague – I really don’t need that drama in my life and they don’t deserve me, bye.

So lots of vagueness for ya lol I’m ready for the weekend…

Why do I keep forgetting that it’s Easter?!


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