I’ve blogged myself out – writing everyday is ridiculous and has to be boring for readers.  Especially when all I’m doing is writing about myself… pretty vain.  I’m embarrassed by it really.  31 days of paint drying would have been more interesting!  I mean really, who cares that I want to wake up early?  I don’t even know if I do.

**April Fools**
— kind of…

One thing about writing this kind of blog is that you’re putting yourself under a microscope; self-imposed as it may be.  What you write, how you write, how often you write.  If you share too much, well, you could end up being fired from your job.  If you share too little, writing becomes pointless fluff.  How are you coming across to the readers?  Like an arrogant jerk?  Like a whiny brat?  Like a naive girl?  Like a conscientious woman?  Like someone like me?

At the onset of…

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  1. Hi Lauren, thanks for the reblog. I had a quarterlife “crisis” too – unfortunately 6 years later I still don’t have it all figured out but I’m on my way. Here’s to you getting there faster =)

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