Random bits from the day

Taking a break from complaining about how much my heart hurts lol

– I went on a shopping spree today. Got lots of new stuff for new job including…new shoes. That’s right, I stepped my shoe game up in a big way. Michael Kors 4-inch heels? Sounds good. Although they reiterate why I hate wearing heels, they are gorgeous. They hurt right where I broke my foot, but best believe I’ll be strutting through the office. I feel like I have to – big girl moves and all…

– I realized today that I am like fresh meat for the guys at new job. They act like they haven’t seen a girl before. There are like 5 other girls my age there, but they’re all wifed up. So maybe they just smell my singleness…Don’t want any of you though, thanksbye.

– Gym Creeper again…ugh.

– I never get tired of how happy my dogs get to see me

– I have thermals, sweatpants, and a hoodie on right now. It was 75 degrees like last week. Ok, Weather…

– I got an instant message today from a guy in my old department – he was complaining about how hard something that I used to do is. NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. I don’t like to see anyone suffer, but it does a lot for me. They all have said the same about taking on my old responsibilities. NOW do you people see why I was always a wreck and pulling my hair out?! Seriously…Words can’t describe how glad I am for them to really see firsthand all the shit I did, why I was stressed out, and why I was so happy to get the hell outta there. Karma…

– pool with new officemates today for the MegaMillions lottery…we split about $260 mil…I get $12 mil after tax?! Nice knowing you, bye. Never working again. Fingers crossed!


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