Between work and my personal life, I’ve been doing WAYY too much thinking this week. My brain is shutting down/melting. My mental exhaustion is making me exhausted lol Luckily, they let us out at 4pm today. My first Friday at new job – out 2 hours early & one hour early today.
Fine in my book ESPECIALLY because today was out early on a gorgeous Friday afternoon after me and 10 co-workers went to an amazing 2-hour lunch. That’s right. And there were adult beverages. And even back in the office, everyone mostly stood around talking, tossing a Nerf ball, or practicing with their putter. Dead serious. My mind is blown. But come month end, people will be ripping their hair out haha Great group of people & I’m looking forward to the Welcome Happy Hour next week. And I’m catching on to things…good people and something you can do well in…not a bad job.
I used my extra hour today to take my dogs out to play in the field and I sat in the sun and read. It was amazing. I haven’t moved much since. Just dreading and over-thinking some more about the horrendous amount of things I have to accomplish this weekend. Speaking of which, I have to be up in 7 hours, so I’m hoping I can fall asleep now. Of course I’m going to sit here for another 2 hours thinking about this situation. Ugh.


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