new job

I didn’t even get to write last week about new job!

First and foremost, the fact that it’s not my old job is doing wonders for my soul, you have no idea. I feel like a new person. It’s amazing to not be miserable and dread going to work – I forgot what it’s like to be happy and not have a dark cloud hanging over my head…

So I went in Friday and met everyone – really great group of people. Completely different culture – everyone wears like dressy more professional clothes (vs the super casual borderline club attire in the old place). But at the same time, everyone is VERY intelligent and driven. Yet they don’t act snobby/superior at all. Everyone is younger and very chill. Which was a relief because I HATE people who think they’re smarter than everyone else and that makes them better. But these people are like “yeah, we have involved stuff to do – we’re going to get it done together and smile along the way.”

My 3 favorite moments: a guy walking around with a Nerf football & the guys had been tossing it around; a guy putting his headphones in and iPod on five feet from the big boss and announced he was doing it; and two of the guys cheering in front the big boss because they scored really good dress shirts in an online sale – like yes, I’m not hiding from my boss that I’m online shopping at my desk. INSANE. I just cringed and looked around in amazement – none of this would fly at my old area. Everyone there is super uptight and takes their (not even important jobs) wayyy too seriously. Which you would think would be the case in this area instead.

Anyways, it turns out that I actually went to high school with my new teammate. She’s awesome! She was 2 years behind me. And before this area, she was in a department next to my old one and she said the same thing – it’s just a bunch of people wanting to work their 9-5 and be out, whereas she’s found that this place encourages growth and the managers make it a point to “force” you to grow/develop and want to see you do well. Given my crappy experience with the firm thus far, I’m hoping to have a better experience to change my mind. (Although the outside job with better pay is still in the works – fingers crossed, but it’d be pretty hard now to leave these people lol)

So I spent all day training/shadowing and taking lots of notes. My brain was fried so getting out 2 hours early was quite welcome. It’s definitely going to be a challenge and I’m going to have to work really hard, but I’m glad – I didn’t use a single brain cell at my old job, and within the first 10 minutes here, they were throwing out things like “balance sheet” and “derivatives.” Like real finance stuff that I spent time and money learning about, and things I haven’t had to ever use in my past 4 years of working. So that’s good.

And this place is fancy – everything is new & modern; I even get a laptop (nerd moment) and all the free coffee and tea you want (not the cheap stuff either) – huge change from the old place that barely had 2 working microwaves. I’m moving up in the world lmao

So I’m kinda looking forward to getting back to work (but am loving this 5-day vacation). I’ve been reading over the training stuff they sent with me too. Something new…new experience should be good & refreshing. Only took a year, but everything happens for a reason…

Also – my new manager and 2 team members took me to lunch on Friday, so that was a nice welcome. And I can’t explain my excitement to decorate my new desk – my mom even got me a fancy pen & pencil set with matching note pads because she’s as nerdy as I am.

Til then…2 more days of napping and eating…


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