So I hate to be Debbie Downer, but…

I’m pissed off that it was 75 degrees today. And I have been feeling this way for the past 2 months. We never got any real snow. We pretty much skipped over winter. Yeah, it was like 25 degrees a few times, but bah. I LIVE for snow. Need it. It’s not winter without real snow or a blizzard thrown in. This was a sorry excuse of a winter. Screw a mild winter, hmph.


On the other hand…since I have to embrace it but won’t show it…on the inside, just a little bit…I got excited at the thought of summer…


  • sitting out on my deck is the most amazing thing ever. After a long day, complete quiet. Time to think and sip my wine. Love it. And I decided to make-over my deck this year since I got a new grill! Need to finally have a little BBQ/party action.
  • walking hand in hand at night. OK, YES. I’m having a complete girl moment, screw Miss Independent for a sec. It makes me feel all mushy and giddy – that breezy, perfect weather for a stroll…just looking at the stars…and each other…Winter is good for cuddling inside instead, but the only plus for the summer version is a change in scenery. Ok, moment over.
  • random beach trips with bestie. I love taking 20 minutes to pack a bag and randomly go. I like (don’t love) the beach. The only drawbacks are sand everywhere that you can never clean up, and well…getting tan. lmao Everyone else loves it, but I hate getting darker…But I’m all for some beach trips! Hit the boardwalk, people watching, cute outfits, good parties (am I too old for this now??)


So summer’s not that bad, but NOWHERE as good as winter. You will never sway me. So everyone shut up about how nice the weather is and just let me be grumpy for a few months instead of rubbing it in my face. I’ll come around maybe June-ish.


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