Umm, can I be her?!

So umm she’s gorgeous, is married to an NFL player, runs the 400, and is running in the Olympics? Dying. Jealous.



I hadn’t competed indoors in six years, but I was anxious to get my 2012 season under way, and so far it is going exactly how I hoped it would. Four races and four victories! I won the 200 meters and 400 meters at the Razorback Invitational in Arkansas in late January, followed that up with a big win in the 400 at the Millrose Games and then won the 400 at the US indoor championships last weekend. That national title was extra special, as it fell on Feb. 26, my “birth-aversary” (my 27th birthday and second wedding anniversary). My husband, Ross, and many other family members were there in Albuquerque to watch and celebrate with me…


I’m going into the meet with the fastest time in the world this year — 50.71 seconds. I hope to improve that mark in Istanbul and bring home my first world indoor title. Unfortunately, Ross won’t be able to attend the worlds, but competing without having my husband there with me is something I have grown accustomed to. We both appreciate that some of the opportunities we are afforded now won’t be there for the rest of our lives, and as a current NFL Super Bowl champion, Ross is quite a hot commodity right now. So he’ll be staying in New York City for an autograph-signing session while I’m in Turkey.

Oh, ok.


My 10 gym bag must haves
No. 1: Leukotape (to tape my big toe)
No. 2: Nike racing flats
No. 3: Nike racing spikes
No. 4: Stretching rope
No. 5: iPhone
No. 6: Lip gloss
No. 7: Hair gel
No. 8: Beats by Dre headset
No. 9: Nike wristwatch
No. 10: Lifting gloves


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