That’s right, another “(fill in the blank) _____ month”. 

In reality, every month should be nutrition month.  The one thing that will effect your health more than almost anything else, is what you eat. 

If a Dr. gave you a presecription for a medication, ‘take 2 pills in the morning, 1 at night” would you just take 3 in the morning?  Or maybe take 1 in the morning and the other 2 at night?  Or maybe 3 in the morning and another 3 at night?  Of course not.   Over the course of our lives, we’ll ingest a lot more food than we will medication, and yet very few of us actually pay attention to what we eat, the amount we eat and the times we eat.

We should all be mindful of our nutrition at all times.  This doesn’t mean we have to forbid certain foods, but just start by making…

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