All new everything

On a related note…


Since most of the aforementioned things aren’t quite feasible (there’s that damn logic again), I’m currently settling for:

  • stepping up my workouts
  • cleaning up my diet (I’m good like 75% of the time, but then there’s emotional eating…); thanks to meal plans and signing up for BJ’s (hello hummus packs, baby carrots by the pound, and individual soymilk servings!), I’m going to cleanse it out. I really do feel better when I don’t eat crap carbs and so much dairy. I drink a lot of milk and eat yogurt daily, but it makes me feel huge lol (tmi) And watching Forks Over Knives will change your life. I tried soymilk twice and hated it, so considering soy/almond milk is crazy – will report back.
  • cleaning up my…closet. I don’t even want to admit how much crap I have in my walk in closet and guest bedroom closet – they’re packed. Ask me how much of it I actually wear? Maybe 10% max. Time to clean it out and start fresh. I really don’t buy a lot of fun, new stuff; 1) I’m too busy buying dog stuff/electronics 2) Nothing fits me and I’m picky 3) I’ve realized that I put zero effort into dressing for work since I DREAD going there; I wake up most mornings choking back tears so if I manage to get out of the house in something that remotely matches/the first clean thing I see, then it’s a good day. But with new job?? Oh, it’s on. Throwing out the crap to make room for some fanciness.

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