New Job


  • It’s across the parking lot from my current building, so change in commute is zero. I don’t hate being 10 minutes from work.
  • I’ll get paid more
  • As my mom put it, I keep my “seniority.” So I keep my vacation time/benefits and stuff. Good to not have to start at square one in a company as a newbie
  • It’s not my current job (CRUCIAL.)



  • It’s still not EXACTLY what I want to do, but it’s experience I guess
  • My brain is going to hurt
  • I can kiss the rest of my life goodbye – these people work 12-hour days on the REG. It was nice knowing you, Sleep.
  • I kind of have a foul taste in my mouth over working in an area that was RUDE to me for a while; this should be one of those situations where you say “Way to go!! You never gave up!” But I’m really just like…get over yourselves…but thanks for hiring me?


And you know what’s funny? When I realized I’d get a pay increase, my initial thought was “yess, I get to put more money into savings each month!” When I told my mom, she asked me “Ooh – so what’s the first thing you’re going to buy?!” I was kind of offended, and got the serious tone with her like “whoa, slow down – I’m not even about that, mother.” Am I growing up?! This doesn’t feel right. lol


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