Bedtime notes

I’ve had a million things I wanted to write about this week but am just too tired right now. I will say this…

I’m very proud that I convinced myself to go to the gym today even with a pinched nerve in my back. The guilt of being lazy kicked in and trumped my “oh you’re hurt, just go get in bed.” I thought I’d just see how it was and stay for half of kickboxing, but I stayed the whole time and got a good workout (love the elbow moves). Playing hurt; like a boss.

More importantly, after a 10.5 month job search, I got an offer today for another part of the bank. I should be more excited, but I’m not because 1. Now I have to deal with my manager seeing how long she can keep me which means I have to stay longer 2. It’s still with the company I’m not too fond of. But it’s a job, and a better one at that, so I can’t complain. I’m going from not using a single brain cell at work all day to a blur, wow this hard, “what does my house look like again?” filled days. Kinda scary. It’ll be an experience and no one says I have to stay there forever so we’ll see. Just glad to get out of the current hellhole but I just can’t get over my entire experience with this company. It’s crazy. Basically all of the negative is overshadowing how happy I should be right now, which is really sad. Anyways…

I saw my dad tonight and he said I look taller. I just took that as a compliment in my head as a result of working out harder/not eating loads of crap making me look leaner? I hate compliments, but I just made that up in my head to feel better about myself. Sometimes you have to.

This puppy is making me rethink having real kids – it’s insane.

I miss him. A lot.



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