Lust List

The things I’m currently lusting after:

Nikon D3100. Yes, I’ve decided I need to take up photography as my new hobby. Both of my parents have always been into it, so I guess it was just a matter of time. I’ve never been artsy/creative, but I want to try it. I’m always drooling over pics online, so why not take some?

About $500 depending on the lens…

iPad 3 next month-ish. Ok, ok. Yes, I originally thought this was silly and just a big iPhone. I especially rejected it because when it came out I already had a Macbook and an iPhone. My current arsenal: Macbook (2008), Sony Vaio (2007), iPhone 4s, Kindle Fire (instead of iPad; for reading!), iPod shuffle (for the gym). The question is – do I really need an iPad? Probably not. But my Macbook software is two generations behind (gasp). So I’ve been toying around with just paying the $60 to upgrade an old machine, or just go ahead and get something new. Note – all of these devices are working just fine. This is a want, not a need, I admit it… Secretly, I just want to be cool and use it as a portfolio for my future amazing photography; I can just whip it out of my bag like “Oh, here’s my work. And here’s my card with my website for more.” Nerdy?

About $700 I’m guessing

Already mentioned…

Beats by Dre. Yes, I have about 4 pairs of the white Apple headphones. But these are pretty and better.

About $300

Nike LunarGlide+ 3. I bought these in black and white recently. I don’t get excited for shoes at all, but these are amazing. I now need them in every color.

About $100 a pair

I’m going to be responsible and wait – sigh. I did just buy a dog and oodles of dog gear. Why does my birthday have to be 10 months away?


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