Why am I starting a new blog?

A few things have been happening lately:

  • I’ve had some significant life experiences, and I’m finding myself at those “turning points” of your twenties that set you up for the rest of your life
  • I’ve been having a number of life conversations with co-workers, friends and family…
  • I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflecting
  • I’ve realized that when I turned 26, my IDGAF switch got turned on. This, combined with recent “big” life experiences, has shown me to stop taking myself (and most people for that matter) so seriously. I’ve really stopped caring about what I say or do. I mean, not in a reckless way, but I really feel like I’m “living out loud” now (corny, I know). Anyone that’s had the pleasure (ha) of knowing me for a large portion of my 26 years, knows that I’ve often been: timid, super Type A, always super responsible, or always making sure to say or do the right things. And to some extent, I still am. But with less fear of consequences I guess I should say.

Basically, it comes down to this: over the past 2 years, the corporate world and my love life have knocked me on my ass. Hard. So yeah, I’ve had those ‘pick yourself up and dust yourself off’ moments – get back in there, champ! But not so much anymore. You get to that point where you’re like “ok; I’ve spent years putting in all this effort and going out of my way to be the good girl, and not only am I screwed over, but others get rewarded?!” Done.

I no longer have a reason to care because the world has shown me that you can play by the rules, and you won’t necessarily end up being rewarded for it. You can give something your all and still get screwed. So I’m kinda over it. Being “good” takes too much effort, it’s exhausting, and quite frankly, I’m tired. Even the nicest girl has her breaking point. I’ve stopped putting in effort for people who don’t deserve it. I go where I’m appreciated, not tolerated. And I’ve learned that a lot of times, that will leave you on your own. I’m ok with that.

So that’s what this blog is for. Saying what I feel with no apologies/documenting my amazing opinions and life happenings. I’m debating if I can actually discuss family/love lives; that’s tricky bc people catch feelings (ahem, FB). I mean, yeah “no apologies,” but I don’t want to say something to completely remove the few important people from my life. And it’s a matter of respect – just bc it’s my blog doesn’t mean everyone else wants their business out there lol Hmm. Even using clever names like Laura instead of Lauren to “protect the innocent” wouldn’t work. People can figure that out, it’s not sneaky haha I guess that’s why you have anon blogs…

In any event, there are some rules:
1. Please don’t correct my spelling/grammar. While I fancy myself an intelligent, educated girl, when I get excited over a thought/rant, something could get missed, especially with autocorrect lol. This isn’t an essay for school, so don’t grade me; and if you’re judging me for a slipup? You best not have any on yours, and actually, you don’t have to read this anyway, bye. BUT if I use your instead of you’re – you have full permission to shoot me.
2. I’ll try to keep it PG-13. Sometimes I curse. I try really hard not to (it’s not ladylike lol), but sometimes…it’s necessary. And I’ll omit any…”bow chica wow wow” as they say.
3. I’m very sarcastic. Accept it. Love it.
4. While I am Miss Independent, I’ll apologize in advance for mushy posts. I can’t help it – I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. Although I clearly shouldn’t apologize for that, I feel the need to bc I HATE letting myself feel that way. Moving on…
5. Feedback. Loves feedback. I love hearing other people’s opinions, even if they don’t agree with mine. You gotta open your mind and learn something…New insight or ways of looking at things is fun/interesting. There’s even room for haters.
6. Laugh. I laugh all day long (out loud and in my head) and abuse “lol.” Laughter is good for you! It gets me through my days, I know that. Usually it’s at stupid people (better than yelling), but also at sarcastic things or ironic events. Those are the best. I don’t blog because my life is just so fabulous it needs to be documented (it’s rather blah actually); I like sharing thoughts and making someone laugh bc they can relate; and it makes me feel a little more sane when someone else feels the same way. So even if this doesn’t end up on the Today show (as I’d like), I hope someone gets a little grin or chuckle. If nothing else, I like reading back over my crazy 🙂 Enjoy!


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