Bloggie blog blog

(Can we all just agree right now that blog is a great word? so fun to say; it just sounds cool.)

I’m also making another blog because there are only two times of the day I’m actually happy:

1. When I’m at the gym

2. When I blog or read lots of blogs

Otherwise, this is what I feel and look like:


No, really.

Little Known Lauren Fact – I love to write. Love it. The only reason I haven’t become a professional writer is because my mom convinced me not to major in English in college/the whole income thing, and because well, I’m not that creative. I guess I have interesting ways of putting things, but not enough to become world-famous and pay the bills with a NY Times Bestseller. It’s important that one knows where his or her strengths lie (like me and softball. fail.)

But a girl can dream. Or pretend or play dress-up. So blogging is like that for me. From 8-5 I’m a miserable bank employee chained to my desk; after that I get to be a pro-athlete in training at the gym, and a cool writer at home. Gotta find your happy somewhere…


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