Winning all over the place

It’s hard for me to take compliments, but today I got a really good one in the caf at work: my mom’s friend stopped me on my way out and said “Can I…I mean, can I just say…you look just like a walking J. Crew ad and a Dooney & Bourke ad all rolled into one, my goodness! Just preppy and cute” Thank you! hahaha That’s all I’ve ever wanted; that’s what I aim for in the morning. Nailed it.

Dealt with a jerk at work in the nicest way possible even after he (directly) tapped into my angry black woman. Kill em with kindness.

Came home to my Sephora order on my doorstep (placed Saturday night and it’s here already). Free shipping on all online orders, living 45 minutes from the distribution facility, and living 3 miles from two Sephora stores is bad. news. #intervention #donteventryit

Currently drinking wine on the sofa and Pretty Little Liars is on in 5 minutes. Byeeee


little wins are big

I obviously fell off of my regular gratitude posts, but I just had a wave of “things aren’t that bad, high five for the little things” and made a list in my head. This is a big deal because things have gotten kinda real lately…

  • Taking off my phone/laptop case and seeing how delightfully smooth and scratch free it is
  • Putting on sweats after taking off work clothes at the end of the day
  • Super cold applesauce right out of the fridge
  • Looking forward to cheat day (and knowing that you deserve it; #pizzaandbeer)
  • Knowing that you can go out and start anything new, any day now
  • Knowing that someone appreciates what you did for them when you thought nothing of it
  • Overhearing that someone thinks you’re a genius and realizing that your hard work has finally paid off
  • Hope. There is always hope.


A big part of caring about someone is knowing when to step in/be active, and when to step away and give them space.

It’s really hard not to take things personally, but being able to do that is a tremendous help to that person as they go through something and just need time to think or breathe.

It also helps when you try to stop and think about what you’d want them to do for you in the same situation.

And you can’t always expect someone to flat out ask you to be there for them. I sure as heck don’t haha

I 100% always want to go through things on my own because I’m independent, but when someone is there for me unexpectedly without being pushy…it’s delightful and gives me the warm & fuzzies.

I also need to keep in mind that it’s all relative. Just because I can handle fifteen stressful things in my life at once doesn’t mean everyone can. Three things can be a lot for someone and I shouldn’t look at them and say “wow, that’s nothing, man up.”

For once in my life, I have nothing but “good stress” – busy at work and making progress, busting my ass at CrossFit, and studying for my exam. But everyone around me has stuff going on. It’s making me sad and I feel helpless – hence this emo post.

Moral of the story: It’s not all about you. Take a deep breath and make sure people know that you’re there for them if or when they are ready. (I’m such a grown-up)

Sunday chores

I haven’t even rolled out of bed yet. Forever the to-do-lister (I mean, my lists have lists), here’s what I need to accomplish today:

1. Coffee (duh)
2. Groceries
3. Dishes
4. Laundry (I started yesterday!)
5. Swiffer the floors (it’s quite calming)
6. Study
7. Clean out the fridge and pantry (ambitious)
8. Cook/meal prep for the week (also ambitious)

Ugh. Maybe this will look shorter once I’ve had coffee.

What are y’all doing today?

Daily Prompt

I’m also really liking this whole “Daily Prompt” thing; maybe not daily, but ya know…

There are 344 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211. (Hint: that’s July 30th.)

  • celebrating that I passed my exam
  • be with the same guy 🙂
  • be sitting on a beach somewhere